Namibia and Kgalagadi Adventure – Day 12 – Namutoni to Halali – Etosha National Park

7 November 2018

I booked three nights in each camp so that we have two full days to enjoy each one.  So today would be treated as a pack up and set up day. We got up at 6:00 had a leisurely breakfast then packed up camp.  By 8:30 we were on the road, The Earl and I ahead as The Mools wanted to visit the Fort Shop before they left.   Because we tow a caravan we did not do any detours to waterholes.  In spite of this the main route of 70 km directly to Halali produced some lovely sightings

The dry arid regions are popular with secretary birds and we were thrilled to find two today.

We continued to stop for the odd jackal and giraffe but were not expecting anything to exciting.


Then half way to Halali we saw two cars stopped on the side of the road.  “Probably rhino,”  I said to The Earl but as we drew nearer I spotted her in the shade of a bush just a stone’s throw from the road


– A female lion feasting on what we think was the remains of a giraffe kill.  There were two uninvited guests whom she could easily have chased off but she generously allowed them to chew on a bone or two.


“There must be others,”  I said, scanning the area with my binoculars.

“I looked,” said The Earl – “Nobody else here”

“I think I see them under that tree,”  I replied.

“No – they’re just logs!”

But then one of the logs flicked an ear!   “One male and three females”  I informed him.
A little while later the dining female got up and went to join the pride.


They all sat up to greet her and then the male decided he needed more nourishment and went off to the kill chasing the jackal for good measure.  We watched for a bit longer and then made our way to Halali well satisfied with our morning.


It was just after 11 when we arrived.  We checked in, went to the tourist shop to get a few supplies and then got our caravan set up on site 8 before the Mools arrived.  I was worried that they would miss the lions but although they’d detoured to a waterhole they did get to see them.  They were all under the sleeping tree enjoying a final chew on the bones.

The Mools were soon set up and we had a bite to eat and a nap before setting out for a short game drive at 15:30.

We visited Nuanasa waterhole where we had fun watching the antics of golden breasted bunting, cinnamon breasted bunting,  Cape glossy starlings and red headed quelea.

Goaz is always a good water hole to visit but there wasn’t much to see today.  However, we enjoyed the few zebra and impala as well as the Egyptian geese and redbilled teal.


When we got back to camp we went to the waterhole, then went back for a braai.   After supper Tony, Pat and I went to the waterhole for an hour and saw a rhino with a baby, another rhino joined them for a while and then they went their separate ways.  A few hyena also visited.


Halali has the best water hole of all three camps.

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