Snorkelling in Mauritius

14 March 2019

It was a long day of travel yesterday so we did not book any excursions for today.   But when we woke up refreshed and ready for action we changed our minds, but it was too late to book anything for today.

After a breakfast of fresh orange juice, fruit and yogurt, cheese omelette, croissant and coffee we made our way to an ATM to get some Mauritian rupees.


View from the breakfast room

We then walked along the beach with the intention of returning later if the swimming looked good.  The boats are amazing, just loosely anchored to the beach without fear of coming loose and drifting out to sea!   I spotted a local man on his glass bottomed boat and asked, “Do you take people out snorkelling?”

“Yes,” he replied. “But today I have a group and I’m full.  But,” he continued pointing to the boat, Tam Tam, next to his, “I will phone Sanjeev – he might be able to help you.”   And he did! So an hour later Sanjeev collected just the two of us at the jetty near our hotel.


Tam Tam anchored on the beach

Now I’m not a boat kind of girl but I do like to be in the sea.  And I love being on a coral reef watching those darling little fish swimming around.  So I’m prepared to risk life and limb and endure the rocking just to be able to do that!   The sea was a tad choppy but the weather was glorious.  It was lovely to see all the activity on the water – couples having fun on peddle boats, sailing, a bit of water skiing and para-sailing.  I really want to para-sail but The Earl’s nerves can’t take it. He flatly refuses to let me do it!   In order to save him the stress, I’ve decided not to – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


A typical Mauritian Beach


This is the boat of the chap who organised Sanjeev for us.  He had a boat load of Dutch tourists.


View from the boat toward some of the beachfront  hotels


The Earl said his anchor is just like this one!


The Earl never happier than when he is on a boat – any boat!

When we got to the reef I donned my new alien type mask – it covers your whole face and you just breathe – no snorkel in the mouth.  You can talk while it’s on too!  Earl has dickie ears so he never puts his head in the water.

Sanjeev instructed me to stay near the boat, which side to stick to and warned me not to swim beyond a certain point.


Me in the deep blue sea – well actually it’s quite shallow on the reef – but it’s far from shore!

So off I went and was instantly in heaven!   I don’t have a waterproof camera so couldn’t take photies but in any case they wouldn’t do justice to what I saw.   Most of them were black and white stripy ones but among them were others of the most amazing hues.    When I looked up, I found myself way too

far away from the boat.  I swam back toward it and breathlessly apologized for wandering too far only to be told – “Oh no, we moved the boat as we were right on the reef and we wanted you to be able to see more!”   Panic over – but I was really out of breath from the long swim so Sanjeev gave me a noodle which made me feel  more secure!  I spent a lovely hour enjoying the fish and the coral and then it was time to go back.

The Earl was able to see the fish through the glass bottom of the boat and also by looking over the side. The sea was crystal clear. Before we returned to shore, Sanjeev gave us chunks of bread and said – Just hold it and see what happens.   Well -a frenzy of fish came and nibbled it straight from our fingers!   It was awesome.


The Earl tried to get photos from the boat while I was snorkelling


This one is not half bad


I got to see more colourful ones than these.


Feeding frenzy


Fascinating to watch


Just up The Earl’s street

Sanjeev did not take us back to the jetty but dropped us at the beach instead.   We decided to say there for a while and I went into the sea for a few swims before we went to Sunset Cafe for a drink.


The Mauritians tell us this is Winter! Ha – the air temperature is 30 degrees C and the sea not much colder!


It’s okay – but more fun on the reef


That was great but now I’m thirsty!


A smoothie for me and a beer for him

We returned to the hotel for an afternoon nap and then went out for a walk to explore the waterfront.


A story book temple


A local fisherman using an an interesting pole


Various craft enjoying the bay


 One of the stunning beaches

A big thrill for me was seeing some local Mauritian birds – similar to our red bishops. I think it’s called The Red Fody Bird.


A highlight for The Earl was watching the  fishermen bring in their catch, clean them and display them for sale at an open air market.


It was thirsty work so we dropped into a local bar/restaurant for their Happy Hour Special.

You can’t visit a tropical island without having a Pina Colada

Later in the evening we went to Sunset Cafe for dinner.  We ordered a smoked marlin salad and a four seasons pizza and shared them. Both were totally awesome – but the marlin salad was the best.


The view at night



8 thoughts on “Snorkelling in Mauritius

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  2. Craig Trelawney

    HELLO Mrs. H!! What a surprise!
    What a read, I was most impressed. You are living the life. Beautifully illustrated and brilliant pics.
    Regards to the Boss! I bet he was itching to get his hands on the steering consul!
    Enjoy…Bon Voyage😘
    Craig Trelawney 🇿🇦



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