Cruising with Costa – Santorini

Sunday, 07 April 2019 – Santorini

We disembarked with the tender boats at 9 am and then did a bus tour to the Mount of Prophet Elijah and The Akrotiri archaeological site The weather was not great but it was still stunning.


On the tender boat


Beautiful Spring Flora


Sign pointing us to the monastery – but we didn’t really have enough time to explore


Stunning views from the top of the mountain

We had an excellent guide telling us all about the Akrotiri site.

The first people that lived at this site were Late Neolithic – 4000 BC.  It was an early Aegean port during the Bronze Age.  It is amazing that so early on in history this civilization had elaborate drainage systems and multi-storey buildings.

Akrotiri was destroyed by The Theran Volcanic Eruption in about 1627 BC.  The volcanic ash preserved the remains of frescoes and other works of art.  Excavation is still ongoing.


Our guide at Akrotiri


What a view!


The architecture  – awesome

We popped into a restaurant and paid too much money for coffee but the view was worth it.


Costa Victoria waiting patiently


Indescribably Beautiful


Tender Boats waiting for us


Going down in the cable car – That’s Tom next to me.


Imagine living here!


The colours are mainly blue and white


The Earl – always happy on water


Yes – It was fantastic


The cable cars go up and down all day


IF you don’t use the cable car – you can walk up or down that windy path!

P1170049Many people on Costa Victoria have been infected with the Ship’s Bug – dubbed the Costa Cough!   The Earl seems to be going down with it and went straight to bed after dinner this evening.



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