Cruising with Costa – Olympia and Corfu

Monday, 08 April 2019 Olympia

The Earl was still not feeling well so decided have a rest day on board ship today.  So I went ashore with Val. We decided not to visit the archaeological site but to rather spend our limited  time shopping!  In all the places we have visited so far I have not been at all interested in the ‘stuff’ on sale at the touristy places.   But Greece was different – there were lovely things to tempt the savvy shopper.   Perhaps it’s because of my Greek heritage that attracted me to the clothes, the jewelry and the confectionery.   Laurie (my daughter) is a definite throwback to her Greek roots and could pass as a Greek Goddess any day of the week.   I really wanted to get her something that showed where she originated.

At one of the shops I asked the assistant if I could connect to his internet, take a photo of a dress and send it to my daughter to see if she would like me to get it for her.  He agreed.  “How old is your daughter, he asked.  “Thirty nine,”  I replied.  “I am also 39”  said he.  “Are you married,” I asked.  “No”

“Well,” I joked, “I am looking for a nice Greek boy for her. Perhaps you should meet!” He grinned , looking just a tad interested.   His mother eyed suspiciously from behind the cash desk.

Then I what’s app called Lolz, told her to look at the photo of the Greek Toga style dress and then said, “I have a lovely Greek man your age here – Speak to him.”

Playing along  she replied coyly, “Hi, I’m Lauren.”

“Hello,” he said, “I am waiting for you here!”   ‘

We all, including Mama, had a good giggle  – and yes – I bought the dress and another for myself!


Lolz liked the blue one


Red for me.

At the next shop the assistant was very keen to sell me something for another daughter.  “The man next door offered to marry my youngest, ”  I said, “What can you offer?”

“Unfortunately” he said,  “I am already married but I can give you a big discount!” – so he too made a sale!

Val and I really enjoyed our shopping and it was rather fun having a girls day out.

The ship left port at 4 pm so it was only a short day at this lovely island.

Tuesday, 09 April 2019 Corfu

So today we docked at Corfu island at 07:00.   Earl felt better and came up to breakfast with me.   He also decided to join Val and me on an exploration of Corfu Town.   We walked to the terminus and then caught a bus into town.   We had a really lovely morning and spent too much money.


There were a few cruise ships docked near us


A narrow shopping street


In the afternoon Earl decided not to do the “Easy Tour of Corfu”   So Val once again came along with me.  It was a lovely tour but I did not take many photographs!


Kanoni and Mouse Island

The bus let us off a the top the hill in Kanoni. From there we had lovely views of the church of Vlacherna, the sea and Pontikonissi or Mouse Island.

Pnotikonissi was the ship of the legendary King Ulysses.  It was wrecked during a terrible storm and the God, Poseidon turned his boat into this green rock island.

We also stopped at a distillery and saw a video on how the made cumquat liquors and sweets.   I bought some gifts there too.


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