Cruising with MSC Seaview

Wednesday 17 April 2019 Not what one wishes when on holiday.

My fever was down again this morning and you would not know that I’d been so ill last night.  I don’t have a cold or any upper respiratory problems but obviously my body is fighting something!

We got a taxi to the station, caught a train to Civitavecchia and then two buses to the ship.    A lot of luggage dragging was involved but we both managed perfectly.  No breathlessness, fatigue or any sign that I might be ill.  Boarding went very smoothly and soon we were on board.  And then the minute I relaxed –  it hit me again – High fever, and this time – pain in my right breast and pain down the right side of my back!  Uh ho those are the symptoms I had when I went down with Lobar Pneumonia in August 2012!

I dragged myself to dinner but could barely eat and excused myself to return to the cabin.  I felt really awful and had a restless night.

Thursday 18 April 2019 to Saturday 20 April 2019 – Confined to Quarters

The following morning I still had a high fever so went to see the Ship’s doctor.  There is a whole hospital on board! When we eventually found the place we entered and found a number of crew members in a waiting room.  A nurse came up to us and led us to a different section.  Nobody was waiting.  Another nurse took down my details and then ushered me into the consulting room.  A charming Italian doctor examined me and asked lots of questions.   He was clearly not sure what to say and did not do an x-ray. Instead he diagnosed acute bronchitis – I had my doubts – and prescribed 500mg Amoxicilline twice daily for five days.  I was confined to quarters, feeling really rotten for the next three days.  I missed Cannes, Palma de Mallorca, and Barcelona.  I was sorry not to meet my niece in Barcelona but I was still feverish and it would have been disastrous.  The Earl would not go ashore without me and was the most attentive nurse.  He amused himself by exploring the ship.

It is a magnificent ship – very glitzy and very big.  Because it is so big it is easy to get lost.   But he has orientated himself and has managed to bring me meals from the buffet– not that I’m eating much!  I am just so happy that I have a very comfortable balcony cabin with a wonderful view so  I can just relax and get well again.



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