Share Your World 29 July 2019

Here is my contribution to this week’s Share Your World from Sparks


(the last two are courtesy of Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith)

Is it wrong to sell store-bought pastries at a bake sale?

I don’t think so.  The point of a bake sale is to raise funds for something.  Providing something to sell is contributing to a good cause.   Personally, I would buy something ‘home-made’ and then contribute that to the bake sale.


Have you ever interacted with the police?

I have indeed!  I was the passenger in my friend’s car when two cops pulled us over and one became very angry and abusive about some trumped-up charge.  My poor friend shrank and looked terrified. The big burly officer yelled at her – “What do you think you’re doing? You crossed over a double white line!”  (She was simply trying to change lanes so she could turn left.)  He displayed enormous anger while his partner stood at his elbow looking embarrassed but did not utter a word.

I piped up – “If she’s done something wrong – write her a ticket and quit the yelling!”

He then yelled at me “I’m not talking to you – I’m talking to the driver – You shut up!”

Well, that was a red rag to a charging bull.   I pulled out my phone and said – Where is your name badge?- What is your name?  I am going to report you.  Give me the number to ring!

He yelled back – You shouldn’t have pulled over here on this barrier – Go and park over there!   He pointed to an impossible place.

Just drive – I said to my friend – don’t pull over again.  She did and I looked to see if the policemen followed but they didn’t.   I then googled the number to ring and reported the abuse.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t wearing his name tag but I told the person on the other end of the line exactly where the incident occurred.  And that was the end of it.  We were never contacted again about the outcome.  Why the cop was so angry, I have no idea.   He probably thought I’d taken a photo of him with my phone – I didn’t think of that at the time – and so he didn’t follow us. My personal opinion as this cop just felt like scaring two old ladies for a bit of fun!   It might have been fun for him but it wasn’t for us.



What will you remember most about this past year (this question will show up again, in late December, just FYI)

I will remember the stunning cruise we took in March/April as a big highlight of the year.


Is it better to have fungus on your toes, your tongue, or your pizza?

Mushrooms are a fungus so definitely on my pizza!


What is one slang word that makes your skin crawl?

I can’t think of one.  I actually quite like slang.  It can make one’s speech more interesting.   Words fascinate me and a living language will change.  What is slang today, might become a dictionary word tomorrow.

Some years ago the word ‘larney’ crept into South African slang.  It means ‘posh’.  I didn’t like it at first but now I use it regularly.   It can also be used to name a posh or rich person.   Eg  “That larney lives in larney house and drives a larney car.”



3 thoughts on “Share Your World 29 July 2019

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thanks for Sharing Your World! I quite agree about that whole cop incident. Some policepersons get a charge off the power they have over people and abuse that. My brother was a cop in L.A. for over thirty years and I gained a different perspective through listening to him talk about some of his incidents. Some ‘civilians’ are highly disrespectful and would drive a person to be mean/abusive in return. But there’s no need to screech at someone who was obeying the rules like your friend. I wonder if that cop had something else in mind, it’s happened over here in the USA. A woman alone will be pulled over and molested by a ‘policeman’. They even started cautioning women not to pull over if it were late and she was by herself, but to drive to the nearest police station before stopping. I’m glad you stuck up for your friend and you may well have diffused a potentially bad situation by your actions. Good for you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      I’m afraid it’s all too common here in South Africa. We cannot trust the police because of all the corruption. However, I have also had good interaction with cops so I don’t label them all as bad guys



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