Stream of Consciousness – Astronomical

Here is my contribution to this week’s SoCs from Linda

Astronomical is a word from my vocabulary that I use fairly frequently.  It comes out of my mouth when I want to describe something that has a big impact – never for anything that is awful.

I did an astronomical amount of work yesterday – that means it was a lot but it went well and I achieved a great deal.

working hard

She had an astronomical influence on my life – that means – I spent a great deal of quality time with her – her advice was always useful – she made me feel good – I enjoyed her company.


I went on an astronomical shopping spree – and got stuff that I really needed, found it easily and came home totally satisfied with my purchases.


Astronomical also conjures up images of planets and stars, space travel and aliens The universe and how endlessly enormous it is.  I like to think I’m in tune with the universe and allow its energy to influence my life.



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