Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Ent, Ten, Net


This week’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ENT, TEN, NET. Use one, two or all.  I will free write and then go back and bold the ents tens and nets.

Yesterday my husband went fishing for the first time in months.  As you would expect he would need a net and there is indeed one on the boat on which he fishes but that is only used in the last part of the activity to get the fish onto the vessel.  The important piece of equipment is the rod of which he owns many.  I could present you with a list of very expensive rods that line the walls of our garage. Not only does he have the best state of the art fishing rods he also has an impressive inventory of tackle. Not ten but more like ten thousand different hooks, lines, sinkers and lures.   All of these are truly fascinating to look at especially for small boys and a few girls who are embarking on this hobby.   I remember my grandsons as toddlers getting hold of a particularly pretty lure and pretending they were ‘fishies’ as they swished them in a basin of water.   Now, these things have treble hooks on them so you can imagine my horror upon finding them with these dangerous toys. It was not easy to extract them from their tiny clutches.  Only Smarties and a Tail about a Whale would distract them from their game.

For this excursion to sea, the love of my life awoke at five! I intended to get up at that crazy hour too but it was dark so I lay in until six and then went off to Yoga.   It’s a fifteen-minute walk to my class and what a pleasure to watch the sunrise and breathe the fresh Spring air.  Early morning is really the best part of the day! After sharing an excellent cup of coffee with my teacher, it was ten to eight. I walked home feeling energised and ready to face a morning of chores.   I put on a BBC Women’s Hour Podcast and got everything done in three episodes!   I showered and then sat down at the computer, connected to the internet and Duolingo and did my daily Italian lesson.

The intrepid fisherman arrived home at one o’clock, exhausted and hungry after catching only one katonkel. Nobody else on board managed to catch anything.

Old fishermen never die they just smell that way.


I whipped up some scrambled eggs for my hungry hubby after which he took a nap. It was then time to prepare a quiche for the party we were to attend in the evening.  Once that was done I took a walk to the mall to get a card and present for the birthday girl.

The party was a surprise and the weather was perfect for it.  We all sat around a pit fire in the courtyard of the hosting friends. The delicious food was set out and Yolandi didn’t suspect a thing and was beautifully surprised to find us all there when she arrived.   It was wonderful to be celebrating her birthday as the past year has been a tough one with her having undergone a bone marrow transplant and chemo treatment.  It has been an eleven-year journey but the good news is that everything is now in remission.


What a wonderful network of friends attended this celebration with presentations of food, gifts and wishes for Yolandi’s continued good health.

5 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Ent, Ten, Net

  1. Dan Antion

    “Old fishermen never die they just smell that way.”

    I like that. This was a great SoC post, meandering, but connected. I like it a lot. You scored all the bonus points to be had. I hope you have a great weekend.



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