Stream of Consciousness Saturday 1 November 2019

Here is my contribution to this week’s Stream of Consciousness prompt from Linda

I love almost everything about my country and I am proud to be South African.  But today my country went nuts!   I believe that all 56 million of us were either in Japan or in front of a television set somewhere in the world between 11 am and 1 pm South African time today. In spite of our droughts, water shortages, crime, unemployment, power cuts – the list goes on – we forgot our problems and joined together at  Sports Cafes, Clubs, friends homes or alone in our homes to cheer our team to victory.   Yes – the Springboks WON the Rugby World Cup in Japan today!

I am not nuts about rugby but you can’t be South African without having the tiniest bit of interest in the country’s religion.   And we are all extremely proud of our Bokke.  When the rugby’s on, don’t even think of calling a friend for a chat.   Whatsapping about the game is acceptable!

Here at the Southern Tip, the streets were empty,  the beach deserted and unless the local restaurants had a Big Screen TV to attract groups to join together to watch, the tables were empty.   It wasn’t the strong south-easterly wind keeping us indoors, no – we were all watching The Game!

As I mentioned I’m not nuts about the game but I do like to win.  I like to know the score and I like to watch the highlights.   I cooked breakfast and watched with one eye while The Earl sat glued to the screen.   To be honest – the first half was boring.  I tried to pay attention while some scruffy rugby was played and a few penalty points scored by both England and SA.   The score was 6-3 and I decided to clean house.  “Are you nuts!” I hear my compatriots cry.  Well, I could still see the TV and The Earl kept up a running commentary as I mopped and wiped.

Then I took a coffee break. We were half-way into the second half and oh boy the game took an amazing turn.    England just needed to score one try and a conversion to overtake us.  Go Bokke – I screamed, like a complete nut case.  Mampimpi found a space and weaved to the touchline scoring a brilliant try.   “They can’t catch us now,'”  I yelled to The Earl.   The game continued at an exciting pace and England tried hard but they just couldn’t score another point.  Instead, with his incredible speed, Cheslin Kolbe, got us another try!   The final score was 32-12 – What an awesome victory.

Yes, the whole country, as well as all the expats all over the world, are going nuts celebrating.



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