Stream of Consciousness Saturday 9 November 2019

Right, so it’s Sunday.  But I’m travelling so didn’t get round to writing my Socs Post yesterday.

So here is my one-day late contribution.

This year has been a well-travelled one.  We’ve visited relatives in Kokstad, we’ve been on a long overseas cruise, we’ve visited our kids in Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay several times, we’ve visited some game reserves and in fact, there has not been one month where we have not been somewhere away from home!   We had planned earlier in the year to do Kruger in November but changed our minds and decided to stay put till our usual trip to spend Christmas with the kids in Plettenberg Bay.

I settled down to finish a project I’ve been working on for several years – more about that in a later blog.   After spending several weeks on it, I had a dream.  I was camping in a tent and having an amazing time.  I was alone and wished my hubs was with me.  When I woke up I told the Earl about it.  Then I went out.  When I returned, he showed me an itinerary he’d worked out for Kruger.   Try and book, he said.

“But I thought you said we shouldn’t go this year.”

“Well I’ve changed my mind. I’m bored!”

That was two weeks ago.  I immediately got onto Sanparks Central Bookings and had no trouble getting the camps we desired.  Then we worked out where we would stop on the way and those bookings were quickly arranged too.

A quick call to the wonderful Pretty who helps me in the house from time to time confirmed that she could come in on Saturday 9 November.   I had to leave a perfectly clean and organised house for friends who would be renting it during the Christmas holidays.  Pretty and I changed the bed linen, washed and ironed and re-made beds, dusted out the empty cupboards, cleaned the fridge and freezer, cleaned the windows and thoroughly cleaned the house to within an inch of its life.  The caravan was packed and ready for departure with only the last-minute things going in as we left.  We were done by 1:30 and with me still wearing my apron, we jumped into the car, dropped the keys with a friend, dropped Pretty at home and bade farewell to Struisbaai!

Our first stop was Warmwaterberg.  We had our favourite caravan site right next to the hot spring pool and were into the therapeutic waters within 10 minutes!  Bliss!

We met a lovely couple from Steinsberg who own a caravan park there and we’ll probably end up staying there on our way to Plettenberg Bay in December.

The camp cat decided to adopt us and simply made himself at home on our bed in the caravan.

When we went to dinner, he followed us.

Dinner was wonderful as it always is at this establishment.  I had my favourite bobotie with veggies and the Earl had ribs.

We had another wonderful swim this morning after which the Earl cooked us a delicious breakfast.  We were on the road to Willowmore by 10:30.

Our drive was uneventful and we arrived at half-past one.  We were the only caravan there! Willowmore is a quaint tiny country town.   We settled in and at 4 took a walk into town to find somewhere to have a late lunch/early supper.   Usually, we only have two meals a day so it makes no difference when. The wind was blowing and we didn’t feel like doing a braai.  I would not have minded cooking in the Remosca pot and might have done just that as NOTHING was open it being Sunday.  However, just as we were about to give up we found The Royal Hotel.   The pub was open!   The Earl was not too keen to even try but I walked boldly in and asked, “Do you serve food?”  Yes, indeed they did.  We were the only guests and they served us excellent steaks with a delicious Greek Salad plus a wonderful bottle of Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc.

The two ladies on duty were friendly and we chatted to them about Willowmore and its visitors.

This poor kudu is decorated for Christmas

Honouring all the Provincial Rugby Teams

Willowmore is a place where stock farming of Merino sheep is the main occupation.  They are also famous for their mohair products.

Willowmore is a very clean and pretty town.  It was Sunday so all the shops were closed but they looked very inviting and there was a clear effort to make them look enticing.


6 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday 9 November 2019

  1. Mary Craig

    Wow that meal looks delicious. We were going to Willimore once and the rains came our car was full of water right up to the door handles. We were too scared to cross the bridge and went back to PE.. Scarey. U always have such an amazing time. Enjoy…

    Liked by 1 person

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