Gecko goes to Kruger – Getting There – Day 3

Day one and two of our caravanning trip to The Kruger National Park is posted on Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Monday, 11 November 2019

We left Willowmore Caravan Park at 6:15 this morning.  Our first stop was Graaff Reinet where we had breakfast at The Blue Magnolia.  What a lovely stopping place this is.  There is space to park the caravan in the one-way street and it is safe.  The Blue Magnolia is a nursery and you can sit outdoors on a good day. This morning was still a bit chilly so we sat inside and ordered eggs and bacon.  It came with mushrooms, cheese grillers and tomato.

There were no problems on the road to Gariep and we arrived at 12:15.   We have a lovely shady site with a view of the dam.  The dam is very low at the moment and there is a desperate need for rain in the area.

The first site we chose
The view across the dam
Later, because of the wind we moved to a more sheltered spot
The wind dropped completely and we had awesome views


It is pretty hot here.  After settling in we went for a swim.  There is a lovely recreation area with a big pool as well as tennis, volleyball and netball courts. There is also a kiosk where you can get drinks and snacks.


On our way back we crossed a grassy patch where a crowned lapwing began looking nervous and making warning noises.   Then I noticed why – there were chicks.  Mom and Dad were desperately trying to distract our attention away from the babies – four in all.

Crowned Lapwing with two of her four babies.  Dad had the other two.


The birdlife was quite active and I got a few lovely photographs.

This common fiscal was quite cheeky and came right up to us to beg for scraps
Pied Starling
Red Bishop coming into his breeding plumage
Olive Thrush

At one stage during the afternoon the wind became quite gusty.  The Earl decided to move to a more sheltered spot so that we could braai safely.   I stayed in the caravan while he towed it a short distance to the new spot.  It was scary!

The wind dropped completely in the evening and as the light faded the views became more spectacular.  The moon was awesome.

The Dam in fading light
Awesome colours
The full moon
Great photography from The Earl

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I am making the most of the South African Lifestyle and hope with my blog to share some of the adventures my husband and I are having in our retirement. We live at the Southern Tip of Africa in the small coastal town of Struisbaai. Earl and I have a Gecko off-road caravan and we travel around South Africa frequently. We are bird and wild life enthusiasts so are often in game reserves.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed the birds. It is amazing how common birds can differ in different countries. I have not yet visited New Zealand but it’s on my bucket list. I have a number of friends who emigrated there from South Africa and need to visit them!

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