Share Your World – 11 November 2019

Here are my answers to this weeks Share Your World from Sparks

Is copying and pasting images or information off the Internet plagiarism?   Do you credit those whose work you ‘borrow freely’ or do you think the idea is repugnant?   (Credit for this question goes to GC and Sue)

I only copy free clip art.   If I take something off the internet I will place a link to where I got it from.  If it’s from Wikipedia I will put the information in my own words.

I seldom quote other people’s work but if I do I certainly give credit to that person.

Do you let sleeping dogs lie?

I usually do unless I’m really upset and then I’ll wake those dogs and let them have it!


What’s the strangest pet name (for adults) that you’ve ever heard someone called?

I thought Toast was a strange pet name.  I never found out why this person was called that.   Budgie is another odd name for a guy I know.   No idea where that came from either.

Do you like to dance?   If yes, what’s your favorite and if no, why not?

I have two left feet and am not very co-ordinated but I enjoy dancing with my husband.  He is very good at leading and I just follow.  I can’t dance with anybody else!   I tried line dancing but couldn’t remember the steps as I was unable to attend the classes regularly due to all my travelling.


Gratitude Question:

November brings Thanksgiving to Americans.  I know Canada celebrates Thanksgiving too, but I believe it’s in October.   Does your country celebrate a similar holiday?   If you’d like, share some traditions you observe around Thanksgiving or if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, what are some traditions you have?

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa.   South Africans are all about Braaivleis, Rugby, Sunny Skies and Chevrolet.  (This was how Chevrolet used to advertise their cars in SA)

A braaivleis is a traditional way of cooking your food over an open fire (almost like a barbecue but better)   If you don’t braai – you’re not a real South African.

Rugby is the national religion.   We just won The World Cup – so don’t knock it.

Most of the year the skies are sunny and so is our mood.

We’re a simple lot and in spite of all our problems, most of us remain positive while we enjoy the South African Lifestyle.   Those who for one reason or another have left, never quite get Africa out of their systems.   If there’s one near you, you’ll recognise him by the smell of braai on his clothing.  He is probably wearing khaki and veldskoene.




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