Gecko #81 Goes to Kruger – Letaba to Tsendze

25 November

There is a surprisingly good internet connection at Tsendze so I can catch up with my blog posts.

We left Letaba this morning and got to Mopani Camp at around 8:30.  We had to check in there as Tsendze is a rustic camp with no reception, no shop, no restaurant and no electricity.  However, it is beautifully kept by its caretakers, Elena and Rodgerh. The latter is currently on leave so Elena is holding the fort on her own.

IMG_4923 A puddle of birds - Letaba River 2019-11-25 6-20-49 AM
Our last photograph from the Letaba bridge – Marabou Stork, Yellow-billed Stork and  Egret
IMG_4943 Entering at Tsendze Gate 2019-11-25 10-30-52 AM
You have to open and close the gate ourselves at Tsendze – Check for wild animals first!
Do I get a tip?
IMG_4947 Tsendze Camp 2019-11-25 11-45-41 AM
We were allocated campsite #5

After setting up and having a rest we went out again in the afternoon and had a very pleasant and productive drive.

IMG_4955 Baobab Tree 2019-11-25 2-25-07 PM
Baobab Tree
IMG_4973 Elephant emerging from Mopane trees 2019-11-25 3-14-58 PM
Elephant trying to hide in the Mopane trees
IMG_4976 Mopane Elephant 2019-11-25 3-17-14 PM
This one was too big to hide
IMG_4982 Zebra 2019-11-25 3-25-13 PM
A zebra crossed our path

The thing we enjoy most in Kruger is the birdlife.   After travelling a stretch that had little to offer, I called – Stop!”   “What?” asked the Earl.  I’d seen some little birds but they kept disappearing into the trees or the long grass.   Eventually, he too could see the movement and then I spotted some well-camouflaged but sitting still.

IMG_4987 Sparrowlarks 2019-11-25 4-01-36 PM
Chestnut-backed Sparrow-larks Male left female right

Yellow-billed hornbills are common in the park but sometimes they just beg to be photographed

IMG_5000 Two Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills 2019-11-25 4-20-23 PM
Two in a tree
IMG_5003 Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill 2019-11-25 4-21-15 PM
What a handsome fellow

An antelope that is not so commonly seen is the Tsesbe.   One is more likely to see them in the northern part of the park and today we had a good sighting.

IMG_5008 Tsebe 2019-11-25 4-33-34 PM

IMG_5010 Tsebe 2019-11-25 4-33-41 PM


IMG_5042 Scene at Waterhole 2019-11-25 4-45-01 PM
An African Scene

We got back to camp at about 17:30.  We started the braai a bit too late this evening. It gets dark at 18:30 and if you put on any lights the bugs will bug you!   So we kept them off and when the food was ready we went inside the caravan to eat!  Otherwise, we would have been eaten.  Tomorrow we will be sure to eat before dark!




Published by puppy1952

I am making the most of the South African Lifestyle and hope with my blog to share some of the adventures my husband and I are having in our retirement. We live at the Southern Tip of Africa in the small coastal town of Struisbaai. Earl and I have a Gecko off-road caravan and we travel around South Africa frequently. We are bird and wild life enthusiasts so are often in game reserves.

One thought on “Gecko #81 Goes to Kruger – Letaba to Tsendze

  1. Lovely photos of the tsessebes, Helen! The area around Tsendze is one of the best places in our country to see these rare antelope.

    Have you gone past Tinhongonyeni on the S143 yet?


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