Gecko #81 Goes to Kruger – Shingwedzi to Letaba

30 November 2019

We left Shingwedzi at quarter to six this morning.   The Earl set the speed control to 50km per hour which is the limit on tar roads in Kruger.   We would not be stopping for anything less exciting than a lion! So it was speed spotting for the next 146 kilometres!  And we did see a fair amount of the usual suspects but no photographs of them today.  We almost stopped for a honey badger that crossed the road but he was in no mood to feature in my blog today.  For those of my readers who are not familiar with this creature, I have posted a screenshot from my “Mammal Guide of South Africa’ app.

Screen shot of honey badger.jpg

The Honey Badger is a tenacious creature and is not afraid of anything!  He is also very crafty and likes to raid bins in campsites.  He has also been known to open cupboards and fridges of outdoor camp kitchens!  We have had no problems with badgers this year so perhaps management has done something about keeping him out.

I also saw a hyaena who had just been rolling in a mud puddle but by the time I’d shouted, stop, it was too late to reverse the caravan.

We stopped for breakfast at Mopani Camp.   It was here that I managed to get some photographs of a few birds.


IMG_5909 Blue Waxbill bathing 2019-11-30 7-20-55 AM

A Blue Waxbill enjoyed a bath in a puddle

IMG_5911 Kurrichane thrush in tree Mopani Restaurant 2019-11-30 7-24-17 AM

This Kurrichane Thrush sang merrily from his perch


The Mocking Cliff Chat posed beautifully for a change


This Lilac-breasted Roller is having a bad hair day.

IMG_5917 Yellow-billed Stork and Little Egret fishing Mopani 2019-11-30 7-29-49 AM

What a clever Little Egret to follow the Yellow-billed Stork as he fishes in the shallows of the river.

After our little break at Mopani, we continued and arrived at Letaba at 9:15.  We found a lovely shady campsite and decided not to set up the canopy.  The heat was really getting to the Earl and he would not be sitting outdoors for any length of time.  Thank heaven for the air conditioner in the caravan!

After unhitching, we went straight out for a drive.  The sightings were not very exciting but it was really hot!  The high today was 40 degrees C.




Little Bee-eater


We watched these two clever birds catch a bee or two.

IMG_5992 Giraffe 2019-11-30 12-19-53

My favourites


I am sure this lamb is only a day or two old!

I love watching wildebeest in the wild and feel just a tad guilty when I eat his brothers.  But that is the law of the jungle, isn’t it?   The Earl used our Smart Space Pot and the Snappy Chef to make a delicious Wildebeest curry for dinner tonight.  My feelings of guilt disappeared with each mouthful.



Wildebeest Curry!






4 thoughts on “Gecko #81 Goes to Kruger – Shingwedzi to Letaba

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Yes Mary There are at least 500 different species in Kruger. They are here. We hear them but spotting them is not easy. People like Simon are skilled experts. The know the calls and are experienced in where to look. I just said to Earl today that it would be nice to have one of those bird nerds in the car😁



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