Gecko #81 Goes to Kruger – Letaba to Satara

The dawn chorus woke us with cheerful twittering at 04:30 this morning.  We packed up and after our morning coffee, we were on our way an hour later. It was a cool 25 degrees C and slightly overcast.  But within half an hour the skies were clear and blue.

Once again while towing we would only stop for the most exciting creatures.   By 06:30 we’d waved hello to the impala, zebra and wildebeest and then we spotted a stationary car on to the opposite side of the road.   Two young women excitedly pointed to wild dog scampering through the bush.  They were too far and too fast for a photograph.  The driver turned her car around to follow them but sadly with Gecko in tow we could not do the same!

We did, however, manage to stop for the next few creatures that turned up to greet us.

IMG_6311 Ground Hornbills 2019-12-02 6-50-55 AM.JPG

These three Gound Hornbills  lined up for their photoshoot

Next up two ‘woofies’ as the Earl so quaintly calls them.  I am posting just the one photograph

P1190036 Jackal by Earl 2019-12-02 8-04-27 AM.JPG

Earl’s photograph of a Black-backed Jackal smiling at us

IMG_6321 Red-crested Korhaan in a bush 2019-12-02 7-02-57 AM

A Red-crested Korhaan sitting on top of a bush – he usually stays on the ground, under a shady bush or tree!

IMG_6332 Steenbok 2019-12-02 7-42-53 AM

A cute little steenbok with a broken horn

IMG_6354 Wattled Starling in a tree 2019-12-02 8-00-35 AM

A treeful of Wattled Starlings

We arrived at Satara at 09:00, checked in and then had breakfast at the restaurant.  Then we found a shady campsite and had a rest before going for our afternoon drive.

We took the Orpen Road and then the Sweni Road.

IMG_6363 Buffalo at River 2019-12-02 2-29-32 PM

Buffalo heading to the river for a cooling drink

IMG_6369 Zebra baby feeding 2019-12-02 2-55-07 PM

Thanks, Mom

IMG_6375 Zebra and child 2019-12-02 2-55-57 PM

I love my mommy

IMG_6390 Red-billed Oxpecker 2019-12-02 3-51-55 PM

Oxpecker having a break from salon duties.     She seems to be saying, “How do I look?”

IMG_6401 Giraffe sticks out tongue so waah 2019-12-02 4-54-22 PM

If you don’t stop staring I’ll stick my tongue out at you! 

IMG_6406 White-backed Vulture 2019-12-02 5-13-14 PM

I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation  (White-backed Vulture)

P1190030 Elephant by Earl 2019-12-02 7-39-48 AM

One of the many elephants seen today

Before turning back to camp we decided to do a quick drive up S100 which is usually very productive.  We saw the usual suspects and got interesting shots of a waterbuck with a giraffe in the background.

IMG_6415 Waterbuck with giraffe in background 2019-12-02 5-36-37 PMIMG_6418 Giraffe and Waterbuck combination 2019-12-02 5-36-40 PM

And that folks, was our day!   It was really hot with the mercury rising to 41 degrees C.  Our neighbours at the camp were a young family from Howick.  Their little boys were 4 and 9 years old and it was the older boy’s choice to celebrate his birthday in The Park.  They were the lucky ones to have found two cheetahs today!

For supper, my chef braaied pork chops, sweet potato, whole garlic and gem squash.  I made a salad.   We ate inside the air-conditioned caravan!

Watch this space – more excitement to follow tomorrow!

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