Gecko Goes to Kruger – Skukuza to Berg en Dal

5 December 2019

It is amazing how the temperatures can drop is such a short time.  From highs of 44 degrees C we are now down to 17!   It rained continuously today and we found it necessary to wear jeans and jackets!

We left Skukuza just after 05:00 this morning and made our way to Malalane Gate.   The Gecko needed new wheel bearings and we had an appointment to have them done at Best Drive in Malalane just 8 km from the gate.

We had one or two interesting sightings on the way but once again with the caravan in tow we could not position ourselves for good photographs.  We didn’t even try to get a good look at a lion sighting even though there were only three cars there.

It rained all the way there and was still raining when we arrived at 07:00.  The mechanic had to do another vehicle first, so we unhitched the caravan and then went to have breakfast at Wimpy.   Luckily everything was conveniently close to the workshop and we were able to do some shopping at Pick ‘n Pay too.  We then drove back into the park and drove around until midday before popping in at Berg en Dal for a hot chocolate and to read and chill until it was time to fetch the caravan again.   The rain did not let up much for most of the day but when we collected the caravan at 14:00 and returned to Berg en Dal to set up camp it had abated.

So there is not much to report today.  Here are a few photos of what this rainy day showed us.

IMG_6793 Cattle Egret in breeding plumage 2019-12-05 5-28-18 AM

The Cattle Egrets came out in full force to enjoy the puddles on the tar road – They were in full breeding plumage

IMG_6797 Cattle Egrets in breeding plumage 2019-12-05 5-28-44 AM

Looking good, guys!

IMG_6802 Elephant 2019-12-05 9-38-48 AM

We saw more elephants than usual today

IMG_6811 Cinnamon-breasted Bunting 2019-12-05 10-07-51 AM

In spite of the rain we saw lots of birds – this one is a Cinnamon-breasted Bunting

IMG_6812 Cinnamon-breasted Bunting from the rear 2019-12-05 10-07-55 AM

IMG_6817 African Hawk-eagle 2019-12-05 10-21-34 AM

We saw two of these African Eagles – his partner was a little higher up on the tree

IMG_6819 African Hawk-eagle 2019-12-05 10-21-46 AM


Gerry and his friends were happy to be browsing too


Yellow-fronted canaries were also enjoying the fresh puddles of water

IMG_6846 Taking a photo of an elephant 2019-12-05 1-27-47 PM

Funny Photo of the day – Reflection of me photographing an elephant

IMG_6847 Elephant 2019-12-05 1-27-52 PM

The Elephant


Eurasian Hobby


He/she was all fluffed up and wet


Looking down from the bridge at Malalane Gate

We have set up camp on the same site we had when we arrived in Kruger three weeks ago.  As we were preparing supper a neighbour alerted us to an elephant grazing right at the fence. A hyaena had also walked past but we missed that.


How blessed are we!


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