Gecko Goes to Kruger – Last Day

10 December 2019

It was still raining this morning.  Yesterday we’d asked for two extra nights at Lower Sabie to avoid having to pack up in rainy conditions but they were fully booked.   So the plan was to stick to our original plan of spending two nights at Crocodile Bridge Camp.
The weather certainly was not going to clear up any time soon and we were in no mood to set up in the rain for what would more than likely be two more rainy days!   So reluctantly we decided to leave today.

We left Lower Sabie at 5:30 and did not expect to see anything more than a few wet impala, giraffe, wildebeest and zebra.


Goodbye, Girls

It was raining hard, we were down in the dumps and not even keeping a sharp eye out for anything.  Suddenly I became aware of something on the Earl’s side. He was concentrating on driving in the wet and had not seen a thing.

A cat-shaped creature was sitting on the edge of the road.

“A cheetah,” I yelled! “No, a lion -no, a leopard!”

The Earl slammed on breaks.

IMG_7775 Leopard in the rain 2019-12-10 5-40-41 AM

Taken through the windscreen with the battery about to die!

We simply couldn’t believe our eyes.   There he sat looking as fed up with the weather as we were.

Then he got up and crossed the road.


Now on my side of the road and my camera did not cooperate! Poor light, rain and a moving target as well as a battery telling me it was not going to last long!


And then he was gone!

Nobody else saw him!

On our first day in the park, a leopard greeted us and now, on our last, one appeared to bid us farewell.  It was a fitting end to our visit to Kruger National Park.

We arrived at Crocodile Bridge Gate at 06:30 and after cancelling our reservation we started the long drive to our next stop.  We had not booked an overnight campsite but would see how far we could make it and then decide where to stay.  We had breakfast at Malelane Wimpy and stopped for fuel but other than that we kept going until we got to Howick at 17:15.   There was no trouble checking in at Midmar Dam Resort.  The campsite was almost empty.  But what a stunning place.  It must be awesome when the sun shines.

We unhitched the caravan and went straight out to Delish Family Restaurant for dinner.  It did not disappoint!   The Earl had Eisbein and I had Ribs, both served with vegetables.

While we were enjoying our pre-dinner drinks a group of people arrived and started greeting each other and it looked like they were really pleased to see each other.  The Earl felt moved to go and chat and they were very friendly.   He said, “It so great to see good friends enjoying each other.  Have a wonderful evening.”

We then enjoyed our own dinner and when we were done the waitress came with the bill.  “It’s all taken care of,” she said. “The gentleman at that table paid for your meal!”   And he came over and gave us each a sweet!

We were astounded and asked, “Why did you do that?”

“Because I can and I wanted to!” he replied.   I gave him a hug and thanked him warmly.   It was a random act of kindness and we will certainly pay it forward!




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