Share Your World 23 December 2019

Here is my contribution to this week’s Share Your World from Sparks


Do dogs ‘talk’ (communicate) with their own species?   (credit to Marilyn of Serendipity)   And not just on Christmas Eve, as the old legend says all animals do.   I know that Ziggy ‘speaks’ husky (apparently) even though he’s not a husky, he’s a terrier/Chihuahua mix.   The movie the other night proved it, as there were huskies in the show, and when they barked, Ziggy got excited and stared at the TV screen with his head cocked to one side, and barked at the screen.

I am pretty sure they do.  They also send Pee-mails.

Have you ever had to work on Christmas Day?

Yes, I have.   When I was seventeen years old I worked as a nurse’s aid at the hospital in Fish Hoek where I lived at the time.   It was an awesome experience as the staff tried to make Christmas special for the patients.

If someone gifts you something that you immediately loathe, do you pretend to really like it anyway or are you brutally honest about your opinion?

I’ve never really received a present that I loathed!   But if I did I certainly would not express it honestly.  I don’t like hurting people’s feelings.  I would thank them regardless.

On the other hand, I would be quite happy if a gift I give somebody is not to their liking.  They’re welcome to return it and to swap for something else.

Which popular drink, found during the Christmas season most often, is called “milk punch?”

I have no idea.

How many ghosts show up during “A Christmas Carol?” 

Four  – Jacob Marley,  The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and The Ghost of Christmas Future.

Are you all about the holly and jolly or more about remembering the alleged ‘true’ meaning of Christmas?    

I am quite into the true meaning of Christmas but don’t mind the holly and jolly.   Let’s not spoil the fun part.

Nicholas with Santa.jpg

Many years ago – My brother Nicholas giving Father Christmas his wish list.  This photograph was published in the newspaper.   

Please share a memory or thought about the holiday season if you’d like, whatever kind of celebration you may observe. 

I remember my childhood Christmases as they were very traditional.   My grandfather would decorate the big pine tree in his garden with lights.  Nobody else did that in his neighbourhood.   He and our grandmother would take us Christmas shopping in the city and we would visit every single department store and visit each Father Christmas and get a Lucky Dip from each one too.   In those days the toys and sweets in these dips were awesome.  Our other treat was to have lunch at Wimpy in the OK Bazaars.  It was the only time in the year that we ever ate anywhere other than at home.

On Christmas day the entire extended family would gather together around Granny’s table and enjoy a hot Christmas lunch with Christmas pudding that contained ‘tickies’.  A ticky for those who don’t know was a small silver coin worth three pence.


Another memory is of my mother on Christmas Eve reading us A Visit From St Nicholas – a poem by Clement Clarke Moore.


7 thoughts on “Share Your World 23 December 2019

  1. Mary Craig

    Oh my how I remember the tricky in the Christmas pudding. They had to be washed, scrubbed and polished before adding to the pudding. We hated the pudding but needed the tricky. What fun we had in those days. Enjoy Christmas without the tricky in the pudding.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. joey

    Your Christmas memories are not much like mine, and that’s pretty neat — No one right way to have all the fun. I would have liked to see that decorated tree in your Granddad’s garden!
    I wonder if Milk Punch is egg nog? I love egg nog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      You’re right – there is not one way to celebrate. Thinks for my own family have changed a great deal too! My grandfather’s tree was awesome. Sadly I don’t have any photographs of it. I’ve seen others decorate outdoor trees but they were nowhere near as great at Grandpa’s!

      Liked by 1 person


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