Really You Challenge

I am taking part in this challenge from A Guy called Bloke

How much Television [alternatively, films through the PC/DVD’s or Streamed TV] do you watch per week, month or year?

I’m not sure I can put an accurate number to this question.  I watch television/Netflix almost every evening but for how long varies.  I seldom watch during the day.  At the moment though, I am staying with my kids and the TV is on all day long whether or not anybody is watching.  The volume is only turned up when someone is watching.  Averaging things out I would say two and a half to three hours per day.


How do you keep yourself entertained?

I have no problem keeping myself entertained.  There is always something to do.   I don’t follow a strict routine now that I am retired but I do try to do all the necessary household and gardening chores early in the day.

I admit it.  I spend a lot of time on my computer.  My journal is always needing updating, I edit my photographs – I never leave home without my camera so there is a lot of editing that needs to be done – and of course, I Blog.

computer time.jpg


How do you prevent yourself from becoming bored and do you suffer from boredom a lot?

When we were still looking after the family, bored did not have a place in my vocabulary.  I am still not bored.  Life is fun and exciting and there is always something to do even if it is only a Sudoku or Crossword puzzle. I am lucky enough to travel frequently and when we are at home base we explore our local area by taking spur of the moment days out.







9 thoughts on “Really You Challenge

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  2. joey

    I love this, cause so much the same. I am seldom bored, and often when I have been it’s because I’ve been left in a dr’s waiting room, or waiting for the kids to get out of practice, or some situation like that — when I’ve caught up on my phone and have been dumb enough to think I wouldn’t need a book.

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  3. Say When

    Before the Covid, our TV broke and we didn’t replace it until last week. We didn’t miss it that much except for the news. We want to be up to date mostly but you’re right, we should find other “occupations”! 🙂

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