Share Your World – 6 January 2020

Here is my contribution to this week’s Share Your World


Is ‘hello” enough for you these days?  (credit to Rory – )

Yes, hello is enough.  One would expect a small place to be friendly but where I live it is not always so.  I quite often greet people I pass in the street.  Some greet back but others stare and walk on.  First prize is when you get more than the hello as happened to me once in this small town. We ended up chatting for 10 minutes and we had never met before!


Do you believe in Murphy?   For those who aren’t familiar with Murphy, here’s a wee explanation:  Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

Not really although I often use the term Murphy’s Law when things go wrong.

The fact is that when lots of things can go wrong, they don’t!  So Murphy chooses his time and place to cause chaos.


Does evil come from within?  If so, why?

I honestly believe that evil is an external force in the ether.  There are two forces at play – good and evil.  They are fighting against each other. Where there is good, there is also evil.  We need to choose which side we’re on.

good evil.jpg

Are intelligent people more or less happy than others?   What defines intelligence?

I don’t think intelligence makes the least bit of difference to people’s happiness. I know many unhappy intelligent people.  Perhaps they’re unhappy because they overthink things and analyse a situation and the negative side influences their thinking more than the positive side.  I also know a great many unhappy stupid people.  Sadly there’s no cure for stupid. You just have to be tolerant of them.   Just as many stupid people are blissfully happy.   My mother always told me ignorance is bliss.

What defines intelligence?  According to Howard Gardner there are eight types of intelligence

A few special people will be gifted in all eight.  I am equally mediocre in about three of them – verbal/linguistic, naturalistic and interpersonal.



Gratitude Section

Please feel free to share a quote, photo or thought about gratitude.

I could go on and on about this one because I have just returned from an awesome two-month long trip.  What’s not to be grateful for.

During our travels, we communed with nature, bonded with family, ate extravagantly, re-united with friends we hadn’t seen in ages and maintained good health.  Then we finally returned to our awesome home in the most beautiful part of the Western Cape.

Yes – I am grateful. Life is Good.


7 thoughts on “Share Your World – 6 January 2020

  1. Mary Craig

    Yes so much to be grateful for. We very lucky when we stay humble and appreciate everything we have. Beautiful beaches, animals and countryside. Your amazing holidays with friends and lovely family. What more could one want.?


  2. Melanie B Cee

    Thanks for Sharing Your Amazing World!! Your gratitude answer is one that we would all like to have – so no guilt on your part for sharing that! I’m very glad to know there is such joy still abiding in this world!! Have a great week! 🙂



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