Lockdown in South Africa – Day 2

As it is Saturday today, Lollz did not have to ‘go to the office’.  We woke up quite early but after checking social media on our phones we went back to sleep and only got up after 9:00 am!  Breakfast was a grand affair with our personal chef giving us a restaurant-quality meal of perfectly done egg on a fried banana with tomato and bacon.  Coffee was brewed in the Italian Pot and it was all totally delicious.

The latest stats show that there are 7 cases of Corona Virus in our district, The Overberg.  This is a large area.  I don’t think there are any in Agulhas/Struisbaai – yet!

The young German lad we met in Kruger National Park in February and who we met up with in Cape Town a few weeks ago messaged to tell me that he had managed to get the last flight home to Germany. He had a work visa here for a year and it’s so sad that his plans had to be changed due to Corona.  We wish you well, Joey, and hope you come back when all this is over!

Lollz and I both agree that no matter what we will get up, dress up and put on makeup even if there is nobody to see us! Sloppiness, I believe, just puts you into a depressive state!    So if you video-call us, we won’t look too scary.

Lollz had a few social video calls during the day,  I did my normal chores, a few Italian lessons on Duolingo and read some blog posts.   In the late afternoon, we did our usual exercise routines. The Earl is by nature hyperactive.   So he has embarked upon a project to clear up his paperwork.   Today he also did a few repair jobs in his workshop.

At midday today, Lollz and I took a walk around the garden.  She sat on the bench to enjoy the sunshine and I checked on the plants in the rockery.  Then I heard a clicking sound and looked up into these big, yellow eyes.


The sound was him clicking his beak which is its typical warning to not come any closer.  However, he did not fly away!   We have often seen this Spotted Eagle-owl along with its partner on the windowsill of a house in our street.  However, they have not been there for a long time now.   What made him appear on our garden fence?  Does he know that we’re birders and are missing seeing him down our road?    My friend, Hanny, says they are good luck!  Perhaps he has come to protect us from the virus.

On the other hand, we have a feral rabbit in our garden who was strangely conspicuous by its absence at the time we spotted the owl.  Perhaps he hopped away when he became aware of this scary raptor.  However, he reappeared at about 5 pm and he took absolutely no notice of the owl and vice versa.

[016269] Bunny 2018-06-22 1-00-08 PM

A very happy bunny


Close encounter with a Spotted Eagle-owl

The owl was certainly the highlight of our day.

In the evening we had a good South African braai and then went outside to look at the sky.


Is it my imagination or is the moon more beautiful than ever before?

7 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 2

  1. Wendy Schoffl

    Have finished cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. Have lots lots of unwanted dishes and plates to take to the charity shop when I’m allowed out and it is opened. Erich has been working in the garden – we have had lots of rain – bushes and weeds hav3 thrived. We are nearly halfway of our confinement. One good thing about this we are not spending any money. Feel very sorry for the small businesses – they will never recover.


  2. joey

    Marvel at your desire to keep appearances up. In my work from home time, I have not primped. Groomed, sure, but nothing beyond moisturizer. (i’m not depressed, i promise!) Definitely no shoes or bra. However, I totally agree for some people, it’s essential to good mental health. If it keeps your spirits up, you keep at it!
    When I am healthy again, when we can return to work, I will probably be happy to dress for about 3 days and then I’ll be looking forward to lazy Sundays with books and pjs! Hah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      I can assure you our dressing up is in a comfortable manner! But we both feel undressed if we don’t put on a bit of makeup. I am barefoot or wear flip flops. Hope you are soon well!



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