Lockdown in South Africa – Day 4

It’s the first day of a new week and Lollz was back at toiling online but during her ‘lunch break’ she and the Earl popped off to the shop to replenish our stocks.  While they were gone I mopped the floors without fear of anybody messing them up before they dried.  When they returned they reported that the car park was almost full as many other residents had decided that Monday should be shopping day!   The shelves were well-stocked, the staff were wearing masks and gloves and all the shoppers kept 2m meter distance in the queue to the checkout.

Part of my routine during lockdown is to blog every day and I love to do the Share Your World challenge on a Monday so I am combining that with this post today.

Here are my answers to this week’s questions.

Pancakes, waffles or French Toast as your breakfast favourite? 

None of the above.  I believe the above are American favourites but they certainly not popular in South Africa.  My youngest child did go through a phase of wanting waffles for breakfast when she was in primary school.  I was desperate for her to eat so I gave in and got frozen ones that you could cook in the toaster and serve with maple syrup!  She also went through a croissant stage and I must admit that when I am in Europe that is my breakfast of choice!  One day when I visit the USA, I will certainly try pancakes for breakfast.

My favourite breakfast is egg scrambled with bacon, banana, mushroom and tomato.

I am also not averse to having fried eggs, bacon, boerewors and tomato.

Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become?

I think several things influence the person you become and yes, I believe your name plays quite an important part in that.  When I was a child if you had an unusual or unpopular name you would be mocked mercilessly.   So certainly those of my generation would have been affected by such teasing.   I taught on and off for 40 years and name fashions changed a lot during that time.  In the later years the more unusual the name the better.  Children today do not bat an eyelid at whatever strange appellation you happen to have.   I have come across names such as Acorn, Starlight, Skye, Storm and many other weird and wonderful names which were unheard of in the 1960s and nobody cared.

Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?

I really believe that concentrating on the positive if far better than the opposite.  I believe that every cloud has a silver lining.   I don’t believe the bad should be ignored though.  If there is a problem, work at sorting it out instead of just complaining about it.  Imagine if Coronavirus was simply ignored.  Our species would become extinct.  Fortunately, the powers that be have put things in place to flatten the curve.  We need to follow the rules while still looing on the bright side.

bright side

Is math(s) something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work?

It is something we discovered. Mathematics is the abstract science of number, quantity, and space. Animals use mathematics without knowing what it is don’t they?   Humans have given it a name and developed it into a discipline.

I don’t understand mathematics very well but I suppose the answer to the second half of the questions is yes.

maths joke


What are you grateful for right now?   I realize it’s difficult to be very positive right now, unless one is being positive that things are pretty awful.   Let’s spread the joy in gratitude!! 


It is Autumn/Fall in the southern hemisphere.  It’s the season I love best.   In the Western Cape, we call it the secret season because the weather is just awesome!  There is no wind, it’s sunny and it’s neither too hot nor too cold.  So here we are experiencing glorious weather but we can’t go out and play!  I am just so grateful that at least we have the garden and the birds that visit every day.




6 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 4

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Great positive Share Your World answers this week! Thank you so much for participating! Now I have a question for you (pardon my ignorance), but what is a boerewors? I’ve never heard of that/them…:) Lovely image you shared at the last too! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Boerewors (Farmer Sausage) is a traditional South African sausage and is usually cooked on the braai (barbeque). It can also be fried in a pan if you have it for breakfast. Boerewors must contain at least 90 percent meat, and always contain beef, as well as lamb, pork, or a mixture of lamb and pork. The other 10% is made up of spices and other ingredients. Its meat content may not have more than 30% fat.



  2. joey

    I love that last photo 😀
    I had to look up boerewors — I think I would also like that. Leaner, hm? We do not mix bananas with meat here. Ever. Is that common there? Pancakes and waffles are good, but French Toast is superb! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Not everybody likes cooked banana here. I had it for the first time when I was a teen when staying with friends and loved it. Toasted bacon and banana is popular here.



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