Lockdown in South Africa – Day 5

The weather was cooler this morning with overcast skies.  However, by 10 it had cleared to blue skies and sunshine.

From today I am taking part in a Lockdown Garden Survey.  This involves noting down the number and species of birds that visit my garden during the Lockdown period. At least three times a week I need to observe and record the birds that visit in a 10 minute period in the morning.  This information must be filled in on a spreadsheet and submitted to the PhD student that is doing the research.  In addition, a list of all the birds seen in the garden can be recorded separately.   This gives my garden birding a bit of purpose and is quite fun.


Two speckled mousebirds at the water feeder

We had a visitor to our house today!   A local policeman popped in to confirm that we had given a bicycle to our gardener.   I thought it was inappropriate that he entered our house without a mask but the Earl kept a two-meter distance while he answered his questions and the cop filled in the relevant forms.  Our poor gardener was under suspicion for stealing the bicycle but we assured the policeman that it was indeed his and the confiscated bicycle would be returned to him.  Personally, I think it should not have been confiscated in the first place.  Surely you are innocent until proven guilty and not the other way round?     The poor young man has been without his bicycle, his only form of transport,  for two weeks!


Life in Lockdown is not too bad.  We’re all into a good routine and coping with our work, chores and projects. The garden has become a walking circuit,   my Italian is improving and Lollz and I are feeling the benefits of our daily workouts.


Lollz on a break from work – a quick walk around the garden.

There are now 1353 cases of Coronavirus in South Africa.  Five people have died.  

The Western Cape has 310 cases and only one death.   There are no reported cases in Sruisbaai or Cape Agulhas.






4 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 5

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Yes we were very upset. Many bicycles have been stolen in the area so the police had a crack down. I still don’t understand why our gardener had to prove he was the rightful owner. So unfair!


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Sometimes I just don’t understand the cops! Crime is a huge problem in SA but please leave the good guys alone and go get the real criminals!



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