Lockdown in South Africa – Day 6

Last night after a delicious dinner of pan-fried yellowtail and salmon served with creamed spinach, baby potatoes and Greek salad we watched an episode of Master Chef Australia.   I have my own personal “master chef” in the form of my darling husband and although he does not cook like those poor pressurised contestants he is pretty close!

Lollz and I stayed up late to watch “Anne with an E” on Netflix.  We are both thoroughly enjoying it.  I read avidly as a child but although our local librarian highly recommended Anne of Green Gables, I was not drawn to it.  I think it had something to do with the unattractive cover!  I now realise what I missed!

Anne with an E

On the subject of reading, I do have a book on the go during Lockdown.  My friend, Sharon, in Cape Town, gave me “Eve’s War” when I was there a few weeks ago.  I have just started it and it is awesome!

Although I only got to bed late last night my eyes popped open at 07:00 am.  The Earl got up before me then I got ready for the day and Lollz was not far behind.  Once again the day started with slightly overcast skies which cleared to bright sunshine by mid-morning and there was a bit of wind.  For the first time since lockdown, I went to the shop.  We were all in the mood for a treat so I added Magnum ice creams to the basket and got a few ingredients that I needed to bake some cupcakes!   I very seldom bake but today I made HFLC chocolate treats.  The recipe I used comes from “Low Carb is Lekker!” which Lekker means – nice!


Enter a caption


The Earl had a plain one with cream

Because they are low carb they are not particularly sweet – which suits me but some like it a tad sweeter so I added cream cheese icing and a Ferrero Rrocher chocolate for Lollz and gave it to her for her tea-break treat.


Time for a break – Time for a cupcake

The Earl completed another project today which gave me great joy.  A while ago I asked him to get one of those thingies that you can hang a garden hose on.  He purchased it but did not get round to mounting it but now with all this time on his hands, it is done!


My hero – never happier than when he has a project!


Hooray, it’s done!

Yesterday on one of our Facebook groups our executive Mayor Paul Swart posted these words – Invowners van Kaap Agulhas, Ons dorpe was by 12uur vanmiddag vry van enige positief geregistreerde virus gevalle. Thanks to God.

Loosely translated – Residents of Cape Agulhas, At 12 noon today our towns were free of any confirmed positive Coronavirus incidents.  Thanks to God.

That is reassuring but on another post I found this:-







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