Lockdown in South Africa – Day 7

The first week of Lockdown is over and it hasn’t been bad at all.   It’s been interesting seeing my daughter in her professional capacity.   I didn’t really know exactly what it was that she did at the office but seeing how well she performs her role makes me very proud of her.

I did not think the Earl would do well in isolation but he has handled it extremely well.  He is a man with a plan and has filled his days with various projects in addition to his normal duties of cooking breakfast and most dinners!   He has also read two whole books since being on Lockdown!

When tough times hit a couple one of two things happens – you pull apart or you draw closer together.   During our years together we have had to deal with a few tough times and they have always strengthened our relationship so a little bit of isolation certainly hasn’t broken us!

Today, I did my usual household chores, did my Lockdown Garden Bird Project observation and completed an Italian lesson.   By midday, I was feeling very tired.   Sometimes these low energy days hit me.  It might be low blood pressure or just my body telling me to stop overdoing it.   Fear of germs has set in and I have been obsessive about keeping the already spotless house clean. Then after already spending two hours or more on house cleaning, laundry and ironing I exercise fairly vigorously.     So I decided to give myself a break and went to lie down for the rest of the afternoon!  I read some blogs, my book, did another Italian lesson, checked social media and had an online chat with a friend in Cape Town. By 4 pm I felt a lot better and did a few walks around the garden while listening to a BBC Podcast!

The powers that be are trying hard to ensure that everyone stays at home and does their bit to prevent the spread of COVID 19.  This is not easy in a country where people have to get to work, to buy food or to seek medical help when they don’t have their own transport.  Taxis are supposed to limit the number of people they transport.  Nobody is allowed to walk their dogs.  This cartoon says it all!

priorities in South Africa

Priorities in South Africa

6 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 7

  1. Mary Craig

    Yes been a hard week. Going to Dr’s running backwards and forwards was quite nice as there were about 4 cars on the road. FH is looking beautiful as the new roads are almost complete. Beautiful trees and Centre isles planted with lovely shrubs. Proud of our roads now . Sleep well enjoy your birds.

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  2. joey

    Wow, can’t walk the dog. Wow. Okay. Well maybe your country will do a much better job, but that can’t be sanitary. I live on a dead end street with a fenced yard, so while we don’t have to walk the dog (in bad weather) we do tend to walk her up and down the street. I see no one. Mailman sometimes 🙂

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    1. puppy1952 Post author

      I do feel sorry for the dogs although here in Struisbaai many roam freely. Most dog owners do have big gardens but the dogs are used to going for walks on the beach! They will all be delighted when Lockdown is over.

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