Lockdown in South Africa – Day 14

This evening our president, Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation. The president thanked the citizens for their cooperation and understanding of the disease and the reasons to take the drastic measures taken so far.  He commended South Africans on being a people who come together and unite at moments of great crisis. From the first confirmed case, the daily increase in infections was 43%.  Since Lockdown it has decreased to only 4% per day. The measures taken have definitely slowed the progress but it is only at the beginning. The monumental struggle demands that we cannot be complacent.   We cannot stop lockdown too soon otherwise we risk reversing the gains that we have made.  The president announced that we will be in Lockdown for a further two weeks to the end of April.  Many measures will be put in place to help small businesses and the poor to get relief.  Senior Government Officials will take a one-third pay cut for the next three months. These funds will be donated to The Solidarity Fund. The president exhorted those in a position to do so should also donate to this fund which has been set up specially to help fight COVID_19 and to help those affected by it.  A lot is being done regarding testing and provision of care of those infected with the virus.  Our president believes we have the talent and resources to create a uniquely South African way of dealing with this crisis.  I believe he is right.  The whole country is behind him.

Our president left us with the message of Easter, a message of Hope, Recovery and Rebirth.   South Africa, I believe we can do this!



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