Lockdown in South Africa – Day 15

After last night’s address from the president, we learned that we have another two weeks added onto our original three-week Lockdown!   That will make it a total of five weeks – there is a long haul ahead!

It is Good Friday today, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the white rabbit is lazing in the sun.  I just hope that he remembers that he has a delivery to make on Sunday.  Bunnies are not affected by COVID-19 nor do they have to obey the Lockdown rules!

The Easter Long Weekend is usually the one time that our whole family gathers together in Struisbaai.  Sadly that is not possible this year.   Our grandchildren are in their teens and beyond so understand the situation.  I feel for the families who will be missing their grandparents at this happy time.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in I wish you a great Easter Weekend.  And those who are celebrating other holidays like Passover, may you be blessed too.  May this crisis be over soon!

Today I am participating in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

She posted this photograph with some instructions:-

Pick a topic

The possible topics from this week’s photo:  floats, things hanging on trees, rope, fishing items, grass, green, orange, white, blue, numbers, bare branches, or come up with your own topic.

Feel free to use your photo archives and see what photos you have that fits the current week’s challenge, or even better yet grab your camera and take a new photo!  ENJOY and have FUN.

My chosen topic is “Birds that thang about in trees”  Thanks Cee, you know that I will always try to squeeze a bird or an animal into a topic if I can 🙂

IMG_4550 African Hawk Eagle 2019-11-21 4-57-46 PM
African Hawk-eagle
IMG_3501 African Pipit 2019-11-17 7-30-08 AM
White-browed Scrub-robin
P1180665 grey go-away-bird 2019-11-19 12-09-42 PM
Grey Go-away Bird
IMG_6638 Paradise Flycatcher Lake Panic 2019-12-03 5-08-49
Paradise Fly-catcher




Published by puppy1952

I am making the most of the South African Lifestyle and hope with my blog to share some of the adventures my husband and I are having in our retirement. We live at the Southern Tip of Africa in the small coastal town of Struisbaai. Earl and I have a Gecko off-road caravan and we travel around South Africa frequently. We are bird and wild life enthusiasts so are often in game reserves.

5 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 15

  1. All lovely bird shots. The first time I sighted the Go Away bird I thought our guide was pulling my leg. Travel restrictions dashed our plans for another visit to South Africa in June. Maybe next year….


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