Lockdown in South Africa – Day 16

Today I am participating in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge.  The word ‘joint’ is the prompt word and may be used as a noun, verb or adjective in any way we like.

I always find that the weather changes from warm to cold after the Easter Weekend.  We have been enjoying lovely, warm sunny days for most of the Lockdown period but today we woke to cloudy skies and lower temperatures.    It just could not wait for the weekend to be over.   Not that it makes an iota of difference as we can’t take full advantage of such glorious days anyway.   So tomorrow, Easter Sunday, stormy weather is predicted!

Today Lollz and the Earl went on a joint trip to the shop.  Their brief was to buy only what was on the list but they returned with a basketful of too much stuff!   I reprimanded them for their excess and Lollz said she tried to restrain her father but he insisted on putting in stuff we already had, items we never usually buy – like pasta – and to top it all a loaf of banana bread!  I believe that Lockdown did something to their joint consciousness and that both were to blame for feeling the need for a treat. So of course, none of us could resist an indulgent slice with a good cup of Italian coffee – yum.

We had a surprise delivery today.   The Earl is in a joint venture with a local commercial fisherman.  He does repairs on Wenzel’s boat and radio equipment and in return received fresh yellowtail from time to time.   While my errant family were jointly breaking my rules such a fish was delivered to my door!   That meant another joint effort at making our evening meal.   The Earl cleaned and sliced the fish for sashimi, I made the salad and we served it with the ginger that Lollz pickled last week.

This joint sharing of Lockdown is certainly working out for us.


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