Lockdown in South Africa – Day 19

It is Tuesday, the beginning of a new week after the Easter Weekend.   I know many people don’t even know what day of the week we’re on as they all roll into each other with the sameness of the day before.  Whateverday is becoming the new name for each day!

It amazes me how some people are reacting to this Lockdown thing.   There are so many conspiracy theories going around, some of which might well be true but there is pretty much nothing we can do about it.  Unless such theories can be proven to be so I prefer to ignore them and to concentrate on the problem at hand.  We are all pretty much in the hands of our governments.   We can only hope and trust that they make the right decisions regarding our health, wealth and wellbeing.

This is not a war with guns and bombs but it is a fight to prevent a tiny organism from destroying our species.   We have to face it with bravery and fortitude as our grandparents/great-grandparents did during the first and second world wars.   People went through great trials and there was absolutely nothing they could do but endure it.   Imagine those little children wrenched from their homes in London, separated from their loving parents to be taken care of by complete strangers in the countryside.   And the agony for those parents having to let them go not knowing whether they themselves would survive the Blitz.

This isolation thing just doesn’t compare!  We know this will be over soon.  Our children are safe in their own homes with their adoring parents.  Those parents may be stressing over homeschooling and other such minor irritations but at least they have their children safe at home with them!   I know it’s tough for young parents trying to work from home, to be away from the office, to try to work from home while taking care of the kids and dealing with their own and their kids’ anxiety.  But there are no bombs falling and the likelihood of dying from this virus are slim if we take the right precautions!  Many of us are worried about the economy and how we’re going to fare regarding our income but at least we can apply for aid.   There are shortages in the shops, we can’t buy cigarettes or alcohol, sometimes there are queues to get into the grocery store and we have to wear masks.  Shame!

I am not trying to make light of a serious problem but I do believe we can make the most of a bad situation.   Many of those who went through the war reported that they had a ‘good’ war.  Those were the ones who made the most of a very bad situation.  They appreciated every good thing they experienced during those dreadful days. Let us all take a leaf out their book!  Let’s concentrate on the positive things we can do with our time.  Let’s build relationships, do tasks we never have time for, teach our children new skills. Make the most of a bad situation.  We can do it!

I have just finished reading Eve’s War by Evelyn Shillington – excellent during this time of trial.  If you’re feeling you’re going through a tough time try getting hold of a copy.   It will put things in perspective for you.

The one thing about Lockdown is that those of us who are coping very well can’t get out to help those who aren’t.   I would love to be able to pop in to help a struggling mom with her fractious children, not that I know anybody with young kids here in Struisbaai but you know what I mean.  If I could, I would. But what I can do is make a phone call, send a message, drop off a food parcel – properly sanitised of course and left on the doorstep without touching the recipient!   If any of my readers are struggling please call a friend, chat about it, try to find the positives.   Don’t try to get through this entirely on your own.



3 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 19

  1. Mary Craig

    Sadly Don was one of those children during the war on London. He was sent away and had such dreadful people, locked him in a cupboard.. Their home had a bomb right through it but thankfully they were in their shelter. His Mom got him back to London and he was sent to another home which he hated just as much. Sad but true. How lucky we are to be in our own homes.


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Gosh, Mary. I didn’t know that about Don😳 I get irritated when people complain about silly things in Lockdown. They have no idea how good they have it in comparison to what happened during the war!



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