Lockdown in South Africa – Day 20 and 21

I did not get around to blogging yesterday!   Who would think that a time like this I would not get the time!   By the time the end of the day came, I realised that I had not got round to blogging.  I had been sitting at my computer for a fair amount of time but it was to edit photographs!   When one does that, dear readers, one loses all sense of time!

I wanted to find a photograph to share on Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge the theme of which was based on this picture.  The idea is to pick a topic inspired by the photograph.  It could be:- coffee, store logos, red, green, black and white, round, ball,  Ferris wheel, snacks, fake flowers etc.

Coffee Shop

I wanted to find some coffeeshop photographs of which I know I have many.  But as I was searching through my archives I got distracted and started naming and tagging all my old photos!   But here are some that I did find plus two I took this morning while out  grocery shopping.

Store logo topic:-


The Blue Cow sign – Barrydale


Diesel & Creme – Barrydale


It’s usually a struggle to get parking outside this coffeeshop – Sad to see it all closed up.             Cape Agulhas



Another establishment to grab a drink and snack outdoor – or you could hire a bike and take a scenic ride!    Cape Agulhas

Yesterday I also had some feathered friends visiting my garden.  The Cape Robin fits the topic ‘red’.


Any excuse to post a bird photograph!  Okay – so it’s more orange than red – but it’s close enough! And green is also a topic – so the grass is there too!

Today marks the 21st day of Lockdown in South Africa.   Tomorrow would be the first day of freedom but unfortunately, we have a further two weeks to go.  We are fortunate that we were pre-warned by the rest of the world and our government got us into Lockdown before the virus spread too wildly.  Health services were all prepared to admit thousands of people for hospital treatment.  They are still waiting for the wards to be filled.   To date, 90 050 tests have been conducted. There are 2506 confirmed cases.  34 people have died.

Now during this second phase of Lockdown, some of the restriction will be eased.  Electricians, locksmiths, glaziers, plumbers and roof repairers may return to work to do emergency work.  Motor mechanics may also be called to repair cars of essential workers. We still can’t buy alcohol or cigarettes and supermarkets may not sell take-away meals.

No alcohol

When we first heard of the extension we were worried that we would not have enough alcohol to last us another two weeks.  However, I found I had squirrelled away a few bottles of beer, wine and gin in a deep dark cupboard.  Cigarettes, fortunately, are not a problem as we don’t smoke!  I am relieved that the ban does not extend to chocolate!

chocolate food groups

Yes, I know you all thought I was a strict health freak but really at a time like this you have to balance it all out with wine and chocolate – so give me a break – give me a KitKat.


I sincerely hope your Lockdown has not driven you all totally insane.   Hang in there – it will all be over soon!





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