Lockdown in South Africa – Day 23

The weather has warmed up again.   Our sunsets have been stunning too and it may be my imagination but I think everything is brighter and fresher since frantic travel has been reduced.

According to our health minister,  Zweli Mkhize, most people infected with Coronavirus in South Africa are only showing mild symptoms.  However, we now have 3052 cases and 52 have died.   The numbers are increasing – not decreasing.    Does this mean we will be in Lockdown for another few weeks or even months?

Whether we get an extension of Lockdown or not I believe we still have to practise social distancing for a good long time until this is all over!

Today I am participating in Linda’s Stream of Consciousness challenge and the prompt word is practice/practise.

They say that ‘practice makes perfect.’ And certainly, if you need to perfect a skill you should practise it regularly.  It won’t do you any good though if you don’t practise it properly.  But is that last statement actually true?   For example, I got into the habit of knitting in what was considered an incorrect way.  I did not hold the needles properly.   Being a bit of a stubborn child or having some co-ordination problems I simply could not get the hang of the prescribed way to manipulate those pins.  As I grew older I simply practised my own style of knitting and eventually produced a few pretty good garments.  Today I seldom knit but when I do I still take up the old style that I practised all my life.  I have tried to correct my grip of the needles but it simply doesn’t work for me so I have given up and continue to do it my own ‘incorrect’ way.   The cardigans and jumpers that I have made are not half bad so does it really matter that I practise the skill incorrectly?   I don’t think so.


As a school teacher, I have tried to teach my learners the correct way of holding a pencil.  It is considered a very important initial skill.  You simply have to get those infants to practise the correct way to hold a pencil.  Beware if you don’t!  Your teaching skills will be seriously questioned if you don’t get that child’s pencil grip right.  And I must admit it is something that worries my teacher’s mind if I see the poor little soul getting that grip wrong.  All sorts of methods are used to correct this blight.   But there is always that one child that simply can’t get it right but is managing with his/her schoolwork quite perfectly thank you.  So who am I with the imperfect knitting needle skill to be making a fuss about a pencil grip that works perfectly well for such a child!

pencil grip

In my humble opinion, I think, that we should all indulge in practices that work for us.  My daughter and I are practising Yoga during Lockdown.  I am sure we are not doing it perfectly but it is certainly doing us both the world of good.   We have to rely on video lessons without the interference of a live teacher and I think we’re doing pretty well.  We have to practise better listening skills too, so as to follow the instructions properly and quite frankly, I like not having a teacher telling me I’m doing it all wrong! The great thing about Yoga, of course, is that you can do it at any skill level and there is no competition to prove you’re better than the next person in the class.   That is a practice I can live with!

Warrior pose



2 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 23

  1. restlessjo

    With you on the online yoga 🙂 🙂 I normally go to t’ai chi classes, and have been continuing on my roof top since the virus blitzed our social lives. I remember the moves imperfectly but have a real sense of achievement if I get right through a routine. It’s World T’ai Chi Day this Saturday, and last year we did a ‘flash mob’ in the town centre. It was distinctly unnerving so I was half relieved to find we are having a virtual celebration on Zoom this year. Who would have thought I’d master technology as well as t’ai chi? Well, after a fahion…

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    1. puppy1952 Post author

      I haven’t tried t’ai chi but used to travel with a friend who did it every day before the rest of us opened our eyes in the morning – and this was is the African bush! He was the oldest and fittest among us! I certainly am enjoying the yoga as I have been to ’live’ classes in the past.
      I think many people have become way more proficient in technology since the virus hit. Some good has been come out of it😊



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