Lockdown in South Africa – Day 24

We had another warm day today.   The bunny did not turn up all day. He must be cheering somebody else up in the neighbourhood.

Here at the southern tip of Africa in a small place that hasn’t had a single Coronavirus infection, we may be a little complacent.  We tend to be a little less vigilant about our movements.   How can we catch something that’s not here after all?   We are grateful that nobody can come in from the outside world to infect us but at the same time, you never know what can slip through the cracks.   Produce is still sent in from outside and is handled by a chain of people before we get it from the grocery store and to our homes.  We still come into contact with people when we’re on a shopping excursion.  You can never be sure what might slip in through the cracks.  So everybody has to be vigilant.  A friend of mine is finding the restrictions too severe though.  Our beaches are deserted.  Half the homes in the town are empty.   What harm would it do to have a walk on the beach or a swim in the sea?  So he took a chance and went down for a swim – and was caught!   He has to pay a fine of R1000.00!  ($55)

No swimming

Don’t swim here – Don’t swim anywhere.  Stay Home Stay Safe

Today I am joining in with the 2020 Photo Challenge 16.   The brief is:-

Converging lines. These convey a sense of depth and distance, try to have something of interest at the point where they appear to meet. Or position them on the diagonal to infer motion.

Here is my take on it.


Salerno, Italy

IMG_9525 Salerno Lane

Salerno, Italy





6 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 24

  1. joey

    Too bad about the swimmer. I agree, I think swimming and walking on the beach would be fine. I think if thousands of people were allowed to do it, it would go from fine to terrifying rather quickly.


  2. Heyjude

    Thanks for joining me. Your converging lines are lovely, particularly the Pompeii one. I had to look up Struisbaai, you certainly are off the beaten track somewhat. The closest I have been is Cape Agulhas so we probably drove through your village to get back onto the main roads. Lots of lovely places to explore around you when you can go out again. And I know how your friend feels – my beaches are so tantalisingly close – but we are not supposed to drive there to exercise or swim or surf. Not that I surf!
    Jude xx (Travel Words)


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Thank you Jude. I am glad you know Cape Agulhas. You certainly would have passed through Struisbaai to get there and back again. We are 8 km from Agulhas.
      I visited Cornwall in 1997 – loved all the lovely villages and coves. My hubby and I plan to return some day.



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