Lockdown in South Africa – Day 26

We were lucky enough to have another beautiful autumn day today.  During Lockdown I have made Tuesday the day that I give the house a thorough clean.   I usually have a cleaner in once a week but with the present restrictions, she has to stay home and stay safe.  It is amazing how much dirt you start noticing when you’re the one responsible for home maintenance.  There are three pretty clean people in the house so how the dust gets in I have no idea!  It’s most rewarding after a few hours of labour to sit back and see shining floors, clean bed-linen on the beds and a hamper of washing waiting to be ironed/folded and packed into the cupboards.

Lollz and the Earl were busy with whatever it is that they do and hardly complained when I chased them from their workspaces so I could dust and mop.   I think they might have been afraid I’d ask them to help if they made too much of a fuss.

I am participating in Nancy Merryl’s Photo Challenge today.   The prompt is – A peaceful place. This is an easy one as we live in the very peaceful sea-side village of Struisbaai.


The beach is perfectly peaceful off-season and in the early morning


The sleepy harbour at peace after a day of fishing





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