Lockdown in South Africa – Day 28

Twenty-eight days and counting. Officially we have another week to go but I have a strong feeling that tonight Cyril will tell us that we have to hang in there a little longer. If the rest of the world is anything to go by then certainly we won’t be let off lightly. I am just grateful that the spread of Covid19 here is slow. Our latest stats for the Western Cape show that our of 20268 people tested have 1079 confirmed cases. 216 have recovered and 24 have died. Thankfully there are 0 cases in the Cape Agulhas district.


For the past few days, I have been suffering from back-ache. I thought I could work it out with exercise but then after Tuesday’s thorough cleaning of the house, it got worse. I refrained from doing anything yesterday and took some pain killers. These enabled me to sleep better last night but this morning I woke up in agony.


The Earl insisted I take the problem to the doctor and miraculously I got an appointment at 9:00 am – 15 minutes after my call. Usually, we have to wait until the next day! I guess that with isolation comes less illness! The waiting room was quiet with only one other patient being present. We were both wearing masks as were the staff. After a thorough examination, my doctor gave me an injection and as I write I am feeling much better. Dr Annalie knows that I walk a lot – we sometimes bump into each other on the beach. She asked how I was coping and I told her about my online programme walking and yoga programmes of which she thoroughly approves. She told me it was definitely the house cleaning that caused the problem but it was okay to continue with my controlled exercises. I probably didn’t engage my core properly when cleaning the shower!


Too old to do this – must get someone else to do it!

Today I have heard from several people that they are not sleeping, are anxious and feel guilty about it. Up until now I think we have all just got on with it with the belief that it will all be over soon. But now the reality is setting in and many are having a bit of a wobble; some being affected more than others. It’s not easy. We should not feel guilty about our reactions. We should allow ourselves to indulge in a bit of a weep. We should express how we feel. Not sleeping well seems to be a big complaint at present. What to do! Lavender oil, meditation, yoga, relaxing bubble bath in scented, candlelit bathroom or whatever is calming for you should be indulged in. We will get through this but it will take time.

My Lockdown Challenge for today comes from Cee. The prompt for he black and white photo challenge is Outdoor Ways to move Up or Down

IMG_2880 Gariep Dam Pool Slides 2019-11-11 1-40-25 PM

Go down the slide – Forever Resort, Gariep Dam, Free State, South Africa


Ancient Steps – Petra


Alley Steps – Salerno, Italy

hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloon flying over the winelands

8 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 28

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Yes indeed. Will be interesting to see how the last week of Phase 5 goes – and the compare a week into Phase 4. I suspect that here in Struis we might have even fewer restrictions with our 0 cases score.

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  1. joey

    I’m glad the injection gave you relief! I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when hiring out is just a far more reasonable thing to do. Pride in a home doesn’t have to mean crawling around scouring 😉
    I agree with you about not feeling guilty over any emotion during the pandemic. I also agree with the use of lavender and baths. The girls and I spent a fortune on bubble baths and soaps and candles last month and we feel no regret. Also, we smell delightful!

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