Lockdown in South Africa – Day 29

Our president, Cyril Ramaphosa, addressed the nation again last night.   Yesterday we had the highest increase in new infections in one day at 318. Stats 23 April

It looks like we are peaking now but overall Lockdown is working.   The president explained that there are five levels of Lockdown, level 5 being the strictest.  From 1 May the country will be at Level 4 but the premier of each province will make decisions if lesser affected areas can be given different levels.  As there are 0 infections in Cape Agulhas we are hoping that we might be given a Level 3 quite soon.

There are slight reductions in movement with Level 4.  Sectors of the economy with a low rate of transmission and high economic or social value will be allowed to operate again. We will be able to buy books, stationery and office supplies and Alcohol and cigarettes will once more be on sale. Restaurants and fast-food outlets may open for delivery only!

No public gatherings may take place.   Borders between provinces will be closed.  There will be a curfew in place from 7pm to 5am but we will be allowed out to jog, walk or cycle.  People may use public transport to get to and from work but they will be required to sanitize and wear masks.   Only a limited amount of people will be allowed in each vehicle.

The rules become more relaxed with each level but it will be a long while before we have complete freedom again!

Today my back is very much better thanks to the Voltaren and Cortizone injection from yesterday!   I did some yoga and a walk @ home video with no ill effects.

This morning we were surprised with a ring at the doorbell!   And there we found the semi-homeless man we often give odd jobs to.   He had a dressing under his eyes, the result of a fight he had been in and was accompanied by his desperate looking mother.   He always speaks to us in Afrikaans and loosely translated this is what he said, “We don’t have any food at all.  Please can I do a job for you, sir”

“No,” replied the Earl. “I will get into trouble if I let you in.   But tell me what happened to you”

At first, he told the story of how another chap had punched him in a fight.  I piped in – “And what does the other fellow look like?”  He burst out laughing and in detail described how the other guy had thrown sand at him so he threw some back and then the fists went flying.  “Yes, Ma’m,” he laughed.  “He looks worse than me!”

And this is social distancing!

“Aren’t you getting food parcels?”  I asked.

“No,  just soup from the soup kitchen,” they told us.

We have been assured that food parcels are being delivered but I think if you have no fixed abode it is a little difficult to get those parcels to you.  He and his parents, I think, live in an informal shack.

I packed up the left-over leg of lamb, rice and gravy that we would have had for lunch today and Earl gave them some cash to go shopping.   They were ever so grateful. It certainly made us count our blessings.

I have such a soft spot for this young man.  He is an addict and very unreliable, but when he does turn up at our door he is always willing to work for his money.   He is not a smart worker but he is a very hard worker.  He is small and thin but you would not believe how strong, fast and efficient he is.

It is just so sad that this young man is enslaved to drugs.   I have such a soft spot for him. He has a wonderful sense of humour, is always polite but of course we have to watch him very carefully when he works here as he just cannot be trusted. We have been warned by neighbours not to employ him but I feel if we don’t who will?  And if he can’t earn money, he is going to steal it.


Our hardworking odd-job man (always smiling) with the Earl



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