Lockdown in South Africa – Day 31

Here at the southern tip of Africa, we are still in summer clothes.  Easter usually heralds the end of summer and the weather cools down considerably but right now the sun continues to shine brightly.   It does become cooler when the sun goes down but we have not yet felt the need to light the fire.   We are just hoping that it will still be glorious on Friday when we will be allowed to walk outside of our homes!  I am so looking forward to a lovely long walk on the beach!

For today’s Lockdown challenge I am participating in A Guy Called Bloke’s Topical Tropical Trinity

Topical Tropical Trinity questions are about your interests, your passions, your hobbies and activities and about living your life in general.

Each weekly game will have a fixed ‘subject’ and ask you two basic questions – and one three fold question.


Today’s Questions for Topical Tropical Trinity are based on ..

“Lockdown Limbo”

Q.1 How long have you personally been in lockdown – when was the last times you were out and about and will you automatically return to your life post-lockdown?
Before Lockdown we seldom stayed at home.   Our last excursion was to Kruger National Park for a nine-day, birding trip.   We then spent three days in Cape Town and a week in Plettenberg Bay before the announcement that Lockdown would begin chased us home.  So we have now been in isolation for a full month – most unusual for us. We miss our caravan! We go out to shop for groceries every other day – taking it in turns as we have our youngest daughter staying with us.I am not sure when we will be able to return to normal but we are already fantasizing about our next trip!  It will start with a trip up the west coast of South Africa, cross the border into Namibia, to Ai Ais, then to Swakopmund, on to Etosha National Park. Then return via The Waterberg Plateaux, Windhoek and Keetmanshoop.  Our final leg will take us through Kgalagadi National Park then home to Struisbaai!   That’s it in a nutshell – it should take us two or three months!  Who knows when this will become possible!

IMG_2945 Gariep Forever Resort Me at caravan 2019-11-11 5-09-26 PM

I miss my caravan!

Q.2 Are you happy with your progress so far and your ability to stay sane? [Alternative question – When did you pass Go on the Insane journey – how is that going for you?]
Yes – I am remaining sane.   Routine helps.  Exercise is essential.  Having my daughter to work out with makes a huge difference.  We encourage each other.  My husband is hyper-active but he has also managed to remain sane – he gets stuck into all sorts of projects to keep himself busy and thank heaven for social media!
Q.3 Have you started a new hobby?

No.  I blog, read and learn Italian.



Message from the duolingo bird


I also listen to audiobooks and podcasts while doing the chores.


When was the last time you talked to the toilet? [No to the toilet not in the toilet]

I don’t speak to inanimate objects but I do talk to myself – a lot.


If you share the house with others – either animal or human – how is the extended home time coming along with loved ones?

For many years we were an extended family of six including two daughters and two grandsons.   We learned to make allowances for each other so Lockdown together is not a problem.  Since 2015 when I retired I have become used to being with my husband 24/7 and we manage pretty well.  We have learned to be tolerant of each other and are used to each other’s idiosyncracies.  Our youngest daughter has lived alone for about four years now but is in Lockdown with us and working online from here.  Since extended family days, we have become set in our new ways. It’s lovely to have our daughter and things are going very well but she might just be a little less tolerant of us than we are of her!   Oldies can be a bit irritating.  I think, too, that she is missing her life. But she is staying positive.  She works online all week and also has Zoom sessions with friends.  It’s not the same but she’s dealing with it well.  We are also grateful that she’s got us into Zoom so we can have our sessions with family and friends too.


Our blended, extended family on a video chat



2 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 31

  1. aguycalledbloke

    Hey Puppy – my thanks for your participation – day 31 – you have your stuff together, today for both Suze and myself IS DAY 35. I was just reading your lockdown series, truly fascinating – thank you 🙂

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