Lockdown in South Africa Day 33

Today the wind is blowing but the sun is still shining and although a bit cooler outdoors it is still quite warm inside.   Windy weather is of course always great to get the washing dry so one must look on the bright side!

Isn’t it amazing how the tiniest thing can bring you joy in these times?   The doorbell rang and it was the courier delivering treasures from afar.  A week ago Lollz put in an order from Clicks.  Of course, she was only able to order essential items – so no make-up, perfume or frivolous items.  But it was lovely to unpack three boxes of goodies that will come in useful in the coming weeks!  Vitamins that we were struggling to find locally, the right brand of fabric softener and other useful items were included.   All the items cost less than we would have paid for in the shop here too.  Hooray for online shopping!

My Lockdown challenge today is from Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge and the prompt is the sense of touching.

017 Aiden and Bella

A soft puppy

046 Warthog

Affectionate Warthogs

2010-10-12 029 Giraffe Helen

Necking Giraffe

mom jay

A mother’s touch


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