Lockdown in South Africa – Day 34 and 35

Day 35 (Wednesday 29 April 2020)

I don’t often bake but after reading Thistles and Kiwis’s blog post this morning I was inspired to make something.  She made a pear and almond loaf but I decided to do a banana one instead as I had all the required ingredients and didn’t need to go shopping.

It didn’t turn out too badly and after one slice I couldn’t resist a second!


This morning my son-in-law rang to ask me to find some photographs of my granddaughter.  (Granny is the main photographer of the family)   He wanted photos of her on her own from her primary school days.   It sounded easy enough but of course, most of my photos are of the kids together.  The search kept me occupied for a few hours and got me all nostalgic about their fast disappearing childhood!   After a bit of cropping, I managed to get a few reasonable ones to him.

009 Shannon thrilled with her clock from Santa

Shan on Christmas Day  2012

Day 35 (Thursday 30 April 2020)

It is the last day of Level 5 Lockdown.  We have been looking forward to the end of this phase but will it be that different?

We know that we have to stay at home, keep social distancing, wear masks etc, but we will be able to buy more products, get takeaway food and get out for exercise.  Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma addressed the nation regarding all Level 4 rules last night. Regarding exercise, it seems that we may only exercise outdoors between 6:00 am and 9:00 am.  Hello!  I am still in bed between six and nine.  And if I’m not that’s when I slowly start getting my mouth into focus and my back out of spasm!   Why on earth would there be a time frame for exercise?  If we gave a wider range there would be fewer people on the streets, at the beach, in the park etc!   This is a dumb rule which I hope is not going to be adhered to in my neck of the woods.


The minister presenting her address

It was originally thought that tobacco products would be on sale but this has been retracted.  The reason was explained thus by the esteemed minister.

“Even those who do zol. Sometimes when they zol they put saliva on the paper and then zol and then share that zol and it means if one of them has the virus, they are moving saliva from one to the other.”

For those of my readers who do not understand the term ‘zol’, it usually refers to a hand-rolled marijuana joint but can also refer to hand-rolled cigarettes.  Zol can also a verb – if you zol,  you smoke a hand-rolled joint or cigarette.



It is a glorious day again today.   I had banana bread for breakfast while my housemates indulged in the last two croissants the shop had left.   Croissants are my favourite but I am a non-carb kinda girl so only indulge is such treats very occasionally – more during lockdown I must admit!   Anyway, the banana bread has fewer carbs and is pretty delicious so I made the sacrifice.

Our tame commercial fisherman dropped off a fresh fish yesterday so we had it for a late lunch today.   We don’t usually deep fry anything as that type of food makes me sick but Lollz loves the Earl’s battered fish so he decided to indulge her.  Of course I just ate the inside – just as delectable I assure you.


Beer battered and ready to fry


Sizzling in the pan


Golden and delicious


Served with a side of salad




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