Lockdown in South Africa – Day 40

Level 4 Lockdown is only marginally better than Level 5.  We have not missed a day of going out for a morning walk even though it’s quite cold between 6 am and 9am. In other provinces of South Africa, the sun rises earlier. In the Western Cape, however, it is still dark during the first hour of the exercise time. On Friday, the first day of our liberation the weather was glorious and everybody took full advantage of the privilege of being allowed out to play.   But since then the mornings have become cooler each day and fewer people are out.   Those who normally cycle and jog are certainly not missing the opportunity and nor are those who have kids in their care, but the rest are staying snugly in bed!  We are hoping that our premier, Alan Winde,  is going to get t an afternoon slot added to our exercise time.  He was interviewed while cycling on the Sea Point promenade and this is what he had to say:

“I think we need to have a morning and an afternoon [exercise window]. We need to open it up, so people have a bit more space to exercise.” He added that exercise was not a luxury, but essential for health: “It makes sense to allow people to exercise, because fitness, and healthy people, are going to help us fight the Covid-19 virus a lot better. So I think this regulation needs to be changed.”


Wise words from our esteemed premier!

IMG_2784 Beach

The beach this morning

On Saturday we ventured to our nearest big town, Bredasdorp, which is 30 km away.  Just driving there was a treat!   Lollz and I wanted to do some clothes shopping and we thought we would do our grocery shopping at the big Checkers supermarket too.  But we soon changed our minds about that!  In Struisbaai there are no queues to get into the supermarket.   After standing in queues to get into Clicks and Total Sport we changed our minds and decided that our home store would be a better option!  In spite of the waiting, we enjoyed our shopping while the Earl went to Agri where he also had to wait in a queue.   We got make-up, health foods and vitamins from Clicks.   Lollz got a pair of tackies from Total Sport and I managed to get into Pick ‘n Pay clothing without queueing.  They were not allowing patrons to try on clothes nor would you be able to return as they did not have the required spray to sanitize the unwanted items.  I bought three pairs of jeggings that I was confident would fit – and they did – so I’m set for winter!

South Africans are quite fed up with the rules of Lockdown!  I fear there might be a backlash if the government does not loosen up a bit.  The sale of tobacco and alcoholic products are forbidden!   Take away a South Africans dop and ciggies and you’re asking for trouble!   People are making their own brews and getting cigarettes on the black market – This is not a good thing!   It also doesn’t make sense that some items in shops are off-limits.   You cannot buy toys or games.  Some stores are not selling underwear while others are.  If things don’t make sense to the citizens they are going to rebel.  So please Mr President, work with us here so that we can get this virus thing sorted sooner rather than later!  In the beginning, most of the general public were behind the government but now there is a stirring and it is very worrying.

We don’t smoke but we like a sundowner and glass of wine with dinner.  These are small pleasures and we’re running out of supplies!   We won’t die without but it will make Lockdown less bearable if we have to give up too much!   We don’t know anybody selling alcoholic beverages on the Black Market!  Not that we would dream of going that route if we did -LOL!

Yesterday, I made brownies with the mix I got from Clicks.  It’s a low carb version and was quite good.   I sprinkled Flake over the top. Flake is not Low Carb, but a little bit won’t hurt!

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies

We saw the owl that visited our garden a few weeks ago.  This time he chose a house down the road from us.   We invited him to come back but he hasn’t turned up yet!






2 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 40

  1. Anne

    It is the inconsistency and illogicality of certain measures that are getting up people’s noses. As far as education is concerned, parents and students need to have certainty about the planned process to be followed. We all need clarity along with a good dose of common sense!

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