Lockdown in South Africa Day 45 – 12 Bloggerz

It’s Mother’s Day today!   My cell rang just as we were getting ready to go for our daily walk.  Our rural daughter was video calling to say Happy Mother’s Day and was also about to take her family for a walk on the farm!


It would be lovely to be walking here again!

The weather was misty but not too cold at 8 o’clock this morning.   There were a few people walking on the shore but we decided not to as we have heard that they are going to close the beach to keep in line with the rules in the rest of the country.  It is a dumb rule in my humble opinion.  You are more likely to catch the virus in the shops rather than walking on the beach!

My Lockdown Challenge today comes from A Guy called Bloke 


He is asking 12 questions for the month of May and they may be done all at once or a few at a time.  Thanks, Rory for such great questions.

  1. Where is your usual location for meeting friends?

As you all know it’s Lockdown now so no meeting of friends.    Most of my chats and video calls take place on WhatsApp or Zoom.

When we were young and our kids were growing up, we would mainly entertain our friends at home.  We had a lovely braai area and reception room which was ideal for entertaining.

006 Party 2014-01-26 01-47-42 AM 4000x3000

Lollz’s Birthday Braai 2014

Until we moved to Struisbaai I belonged to a book club where I would meet friends once a month and I also kept up with old college friends at a monthly breakfast.  Going to coffee shops with my girlfriends was also a favourite way of meeting up.

Here in Struisbaai we still entertain in our home but we usually limit the number of guests to no more than four at a time and more usually just two.

  1. What is your favourite time of the day and has it changed recently due to current events?

I used to be a morning person and getting up to see the sunrise was never a problem.  But since retirement, I get up later unless I am in the bush. The early morning is definitely the best part of the day.  The stillness is awesome and it is also the best time to see birds and wildlife.


  1. What do you find embarrassing to talk or write about? [Or do you not suffer with this?]

I don’t really find anything embarrassing to write about.

  1. What will you NEVER write about?

I don’t write about things that are too personal. I also don’t write things that might hurt another person.

[Why not?]

I don’t think people would be interested and I don’t want to offend my readers.

  1. Do you ever read erotic fiction or exotic literature of another kind?

Not intentionally but the stuff I read often has erotica and I don’t skip over it.

  1. How confident are you about …. you?

I am confident enough to speak up and not shut up.  I don’t mind public speaking and I am not too shy to talk to strangers.

  1. Do you think in today’s digital climate with social media and so on … that people have too much to say and that they should be quieter or that people still are not talking enough?

In my own personal experience among my generation, I don’t think much has changed.  Some people talk and others don’t.  Perhaps those who didn’t before are more confident to express themselves on social media but I’m not sure.   Certainly, some people have a lot to say on social media that they might not say out loud.   I am not against social media.  I certainly am able to connect with more people than I could before. I probably would have lost touch with nieces and nephews and other relatives living abroad if it weren’t for social media.   I used to write letters to a few people but they were not as regular not as instant as my social media methods of communicating.

  1. Do you censor your own writing before publishing?

[As in prevent yourself from writing or expressing certain things the way you really want to?]

I do check for spelling and grammar (sorry if I miss a few) but otherwise, I don’t change much.

  1. If you weren’t already you upon waking to a new day, who would you want to be the next time you wake up?

Someone I know would answer this by saying, “My husband.” That’s because she does everything for him.  But that answer doesn’t work for me.

I have never wished to be another living person but the fantasy person I would like to be is prettier, smarter, richer and kinder – actually just a better version of me!

  1. Have you done everything with your life you set out to when younger or are there still things you wish to achieve?

At the age of seven my teacher asked us to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up – my answer – “A housewife”  – Got that one.

Not long after that I decided that I would like to be a teacher – got that one too.

It was a given when I was growing up that girls would marry and have children. I wanted to do that but I also wanted to go to college and have a career before I settled down to domestic bliss.  As it turned out my first marriage broke up after five years so I had to go back to teaching when my baby was just two years old.  Six months later I met my current husband who had two pre-teen girls. It wasn’t long before we became a blended family.  I taught on and off for the next 35 years and helped raise five children, my own, two step-daughters and later, two grandsons.

I wanted to travel and work abroad before I got married but life happened and I do that.  However, I have been lucky enough to travel as a tourist to a number of countries and I am sure if Lockdown ever ends I will still see many more places in the world.

So, to answer the question – yes – I have achieved my dreams and more. And yes, there are still things I would like to achieve.  One is to have the book I’ve written published.   Lockdown has prevented that from happening yet – but watch this space!

  1. What do you use when creating your blog posts and what would you sing the praises of with regards the creation of written content as opposed to a desktop or a laptop?

I use my laptop at home and if I don’t take it with me when I travel I use my Ipad.  In spite of being sixty-seven years old, I am not a fan of writing in longhand on paper. I love modern technology, spell check and how easy it is to make corrections.  I am forever grateful that I learned to touch type at school – a very useful skill indeed.

  1. Do you give your readership what they want or what they need? 

I don’t presume to give my readers what they need.  It’s more that I need to write and I am happy if others enjoy reading my pieces.

My husband and I often visit game reserves in South Africa and its bordering countries.    Friends and family politely ask how about these but after the fifth photograph their eyes glaze over so I decided to Blog instead.  Then if they are really interested, they can read about it and see the photos at their leisure!   I am now confident that what I write is only read by those who are interested and my readership includes people from other countries too which is lovely.

Once I got into blogging, I started writing about other things too. I did a series of blogs called Back in the Classroom on my previous blog site. (I changed the name of the site to  “Diary of an Adventurous Retiree” after I retired then when I ran out of photograph space, I started my new site.)

My posts in Adventuring into Retirement are about my travels and my life in South Africa as a retiree.   I hope it’s what people want to read. It’s a place I can post my photographs and share my life and travels with both friends, family and people in the blogosphere that might like to know more about my country.

What do you as a content writer and creator get from that for you?

I get a lot of pleasure from writing my blog and from reading others.  It’s a great way of getting to know people from all walks of life from all over the world.

1 thought on “Lockdown in South Africa Day 45 – 12 Bloggerz

  1. Anne

    A very satisfying life you can look back on despite the trials and tribulations. Blogging is an interesting way of communicating, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

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