Lockdown in South Africa Day 47

The weather is cooler today.  It is cloudy and it might rain.  The temperature is 18 C  but there is no wind so it is still quite pleasant outdoors.

The Earl only walked halfway with me this morning as his gout is playing up.   These morning walks are enjoyable as we see familiar faces every day and sometimes stop for a chat with people we know.

Today Lollz is working online, as usual.   The Earl has just made himself a special stand which enables him to secure logs for sawing.  He is now busy making a supply for the fire.


We have had no more infections of C-19 in Struisbaai but in the rest of the country there are definite hotspots.

Covid Stats 11 May 2020

Our premier, Alan Winde, feels that there should be a different approach in each area.  Those of us less affected should not have the strict rules of the areas where there are more infections.

These are his words, “The Western Cape understands that a blunt, one-size-fits-all approach for the entire province, when some regions have few cases and others have high transmission, is neither sustainable nor effective. We need to be more flexible and innovative.  We have, therefore, adopted an evidence-based, data-led approach to our pandemic response that drills down below sub-district level, to understand the transmission of the virus within particular geographical areas.”

But nothing has changed yet and we are becoming quite frustrated.   Lollz says she’s so over this and believes everybody needs to go back to work and just take sensible social distancing precautions and keep sanitising!   “Otherwise people are simply going to starve to death!”  she declares.

The point of the Level 5 Lockdown was to allow the government to get things in place to deal with a pandemic.  It was only meant to last three weeks, then it was extended another two and the Level 4 restrictions were introduced.  It has made very little difference to those who need to earn a living!   The hospitals are now prepared and everybody is aware of what they should do to avoid becoming infected.

I feel most sorry for our informal workers.  They have very little back-up and rely on the kindness of people who are prepared to help them.  Our gardener and domestic helper are both desperate to get back to work.   I don’t know how many of their employers are still paying them as they too have to worry about their own income.  It’s a desperate situation.

The Lockdown regulations are very strict. Fines can be as high as R5 000 and one can end up with a criminal record if found guilty.    Being caught with alcohol or spreading fake news about Covid-19 are among the offences that carry heavy fines.

Lesser amounts include R1 000 fines for a failure to confine yourself to your home and moving between provinces (outside of the grace period), as well as not adhering to the curfew of staying at home between 20:00 and 05:00 without a permit; and R500 for running, cycling, walking beyond 5km of your residence and outside the allocated hours of 06:00 and 09:00.

People are becoming very unhappy about these rules and regulations.  Many are confusing and I fear that there is going to be a rebellion very soon!

So far for us, things are not too bad.  We are carrying on as normal and putting up with not being able to travel or visit friends.  Having our daughter with us is a blessing but she is becoming very frustrated.  She misses her friends and she misses going to work!  She is grateful that she can work online and connect with her colleagues through zoom meetings but it really is not the same.

I know that there is lockdown all over the world but I wonder if the rules there are as ridiculous as some of ours?  Is the rest of the world having to tea-total and stop smoking?  Are they as restricted with curfews as we are?  I’d love to hear from other bloggers how things are going for them.

3 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa Day 47

  1. dianaxmoga

    Hi. I’d like to share that in the United States many states have lifted stay-home ordinances, and while it’s the law now to wear a mask in public spaces this is not strictly enforced. People here don’t seem to be too upset about this. Yet. We shall see. Take care, I enjoyed your post!



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