Lockdown in South Africa Day 50 – Black and White Challenge

It rained on and off all day on this the fiftieth day under house arrest.   Life, it seems, will never be the same again.   Here at the southern tip of Africa, we are all getting very frustrated with the rules although our president has promised a reprieve within the next two weeks.   Still, people are angry and ready to rebel.  They are tired of the restrictions.  They are sick of silly rules and they are desperate to get back to work.

Democratic Aliance interim leader John Steenhuisen has today filed papers to the High Court.  His party is  challenging the validity of some aspects of the national lockdown, including the military-enforced night curfew, the ban on e-commerce and the restriction on exercise hours.

He said  that it is the opinion of the DA that these rules should be reversed immediately.  South Africans are not prepared to put up with it for another day.

We wait in anticipation to see what happens next!


Today I am participating in Cee’s Black and White Challenge The topic is:-  “Things that are long.”

IMG_9406 Suez Canal behind the ship

Suez Canal – photo taken from the stern deck of Costa Victoria

P1160726 Suez Canal Long Bridge Suez Canal 2019-04-03 12-28-11 PM

Bridge over Suez Canal

P1160711 Suez canal Long train suez canal 2019-04-03 12-14-17 PM

This long train whistled in greeting as we cruised the Suez Canal

P1160659 Long line of walkers

Long line of walkers exercising on Costa Victoria

2010-10-06 041 Giraffe Helen Black and white

Long-necked Giraffe


Long-necked flamingos


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