Lockdown in South Africa – Day 52 and 53 Share Your World – 18 May 2020

Day 52

The cold weather has arrived.  I felt decidedly under-dressed on my walk this morning.  My usual attire of jeans, pullover (jumper/sweater) and fleece was not sufficient to keep me warm.   I should have donned a woolly cap, gloves and a ski-jacket as well. But I survived and observed that some tough souls were still walking in short sleeves!  These individuals, I noticed, were a tad plumper than I, so perhaps that is what insulated them.

The Earl manages to walk a lot further than he did on 1 May when outdoor exercise opened up here.   I used to walk slowly with him but now I leave him after half an hour to go back on his own while I walk further and faster before returning.   During that extra time, I plug in my earphones and listen to a Women’s Hour podcast which I love.  In spite of the cold, it is lovely to be outdoors but I will welcome the opportunity to walk later when it’s a tad warmer.  Hopefully, we will be allowed freer exercise time from 1 June.  The podcast I listened to this morning was all about the older generation being more vulnerable to C-19 and what they should do about keeping well.  Having no underlying conditions certainly make us less vulnerable.  It is also believed that regular exercise, eating healthily and keeping the weight off is a big plus.  This, I am sure, applies to all age-groups.   I still do my Walk at Home and Yoga with Adrienne routines in the afternoon but I am not complacent that I am too healthy to get sick.  I take my vitamins and immune boosters too.  Last year I was in the hospital with pneumonia so that was a warning that I am NOT invincible!

The Earl might not be as walking fit as I am but in spite of his underlying condition (heart) he is pretty strong!   He keeps himself busy with all sorts of things many of which require movement and physical strength.  It worries me when he complains about his aches and pains after exerting himself, perhaps a bit too much, but I am glad he does not just sit and mope in his rocking chair!  (No he doesn’t have a rocking chair!)

Today I started listening to an audio book.   I am so glad I have discovered Audible.   It means being able to do boring household chores or going for a long walk while an interesting book is being read out loud to you.  I always loved my Kindle but this is even better!

The book I am listening to is “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.  It is AWESOME!

Day 53 – Monday

Our early morning walk was not as chilly as yesterday’s.   I was kitted in denim jeans and a warm polo-neck pullover under a hoodie.  My hands were encased in gloves and all this was great for the first half hour but then I peeled off the gloves and opened up the hoodie as there was no wind and the sunshine was warm.


Early this morning – (08:00)


After the sun warmed up – (09:00)


Cape Sugarbirds catching some rays


Today being Monday, I am participating in Share Your World from Sparks.


What’s something you really resent paying for?

Bank fees!  The interest you get for giving them your money is not particularly high and then you have to pay them!  This is particularly annoying when you have very little money in a particular account and its balance is eaten away by bank charges just to keep it open!   I think it is shocking how banks are robbing their investors!


 What was the most unsettling film you’ve seen?

Jaws!   I swim in the sea all the time but I still think about that movie every time visibility is murky and I can’t see the bottom of the ocean!


Do you judge people?  

I try not to but sometimes I do!  Sometimes that judgemental thought just jumps into my head especially if I just don’t understand why someone is being self-destructive or behaving in a way that affects others negatively!

But I also hold the opinion that if you know the person’s story, you will understand.  And we don’t always know the story, do we!



Finish this sentence:  “Back in my day, we…”?

Back in my day we had fun.  Life was simple and as children we had more discipline but also more freedom.   We knew if we broke the rules there would be consequences and it was up to us to take a chance on them or not.  I went to the beach on my own from the age of five!  School wasn’t far away but it involved crossing roads and I walked there and back on my own or with other kids from the age of six.  We went to the beach, climbed the mountain and rode our bikes without adult supervision. Mother did not go to the school to fight our battles.  If I complained about my teacher the response was – Keep your nose clean and you won’t get into trouble!  If I was bullied the response was – punch him/her back.  In fact I did just that – to a teacher!   He grabbed me roughly and I punched him in the stomach.  He never did it again!




Please feel free to share an uplifting photo, thought or meme to show your own gratitude.   We can all use some good vibes!  

Lockdown has shown me that I took a lot for granted.  I am grateful for I have and what I will have again when this annoying pandemic is over!

thankful cropped



6 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 52 and 53 Share Your World – 18 May 2020

  1. Melanie B Cee

    Thanks Puppy for Sharing Your World (I’m sorry for the presumption of using “Puppy” but I don’t think I ever got your name?) ! That meme was PERFECT. It was how we settled disagreements ‘in the day’ sometimes. Violence may not be the answer, but some folks need some physical reminders to be respectful to and of others. Sugar birds? Aw! What a sweet name and what a great set of photos! Thank you for sharing those! Here’s to a bit of good exercise as things open up again, one hopes in a safe way! Have a great week! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Thanks, Melanie – I don’t mind at all. Puppy was the pet name my hubby always called me – now he calls me Granny 🤷
      I’m also against violence but a good tussle between kids does no harm if they’re equally matched😁



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