Lockdown in South Africa – Day 56 – Fun Photo Challenge

I planned to blog Day 54 and 55 yesterday but had one of those low energy days where all I wanted to do was sleep!  We did not go for our usual morning walk as we needed to go to our nearest big town, Bredasdorp, to shop for stuff we can’t get here is Struisbaai. I am normally very energetic but when we got home around midday I felt completely drained of energy.  It may have something to do with low blood pressure.  Normal BP for me is anything between 90/60 and 110/60.   When I have the no energy days it is usually at the lower end but sometimes when it’s just as low I feel fine so figure!    Sometimes a cup of strong black coffee helps but yesterday – not!

Today I am absolutely fine again and the Earl and I went for our usual glorious morning walk.

The sun climbing steadily higher into the sky
Further along the boardwalk looking toward the beach

On our walks, we usually meet people we know and stop for a socially distant chat.   Most of us are now completely fed up with Lockdown and the discussions are usually about when to get back to work!   We all feel that our little town is safe enough to go to Level 2 or even 1.  It does not make sense that vulnerable children will be allowed back to school from 1 June but restaurants must still remain closed.

Today I am participating in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.  The prompt is sense of smelling.

IMG_1413 Baby Elephant 2018-01-07 8-10-22 AM
“What’s that smell?” the baby elephant seems to be asking as he waves his trunk in our direction.
IMG_4586 The Earl and The Hyaena 2019-11-21 6-25-13 PM
Hyaena sniffs the Earl’s empty fingers in the hope of gaining a snack. (I was freaking out!)
May I smell your bottom?




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