Lockdown in South Africa – Day 60

We did not go for our morning walk today.  It was cold, windy and pouring with rain.   The rain is certainly welcome.   Dealing with Lockdown and another drought would not be fun!

Last night our president, Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation.   We knew from his last address that he intended putting the country onto Level 3 Lockdown on 1 June but some hotspot areas might have to stay on Level 4.   It was good to hear that the entire country would indeed go to Level 3 and he clarified what that would mean.

  • Outdoor exercise will be permitted at any time you wish.   It will great not having to force myself outdoors in the chilly early mornings!
  • Alcohol for home consumption will be allowed.   Times that one may purchase such beverages will be limited.  No bars, taverns or shabeens will be allowed to operate.
  • The ban on cigarettes and tobacco products will not be lifted because of the health risk they carry!   The black marketers will be celebrating!
  • All shops will be opened and all items will be available – all clothing including the formerly banned underwear, household appliances, games, toys etc.
  • Social gatherings will still be prohibited but people may return to work if they can.  Work at home is still encouraged.
  • Funerals will be allowed as long as no more than 50 people are present.
  • Grade 7 and Grade 12 children will return to school.

Level 3 will certainly be an improvement. It will also be a relief for many who may now return to work or open their businesses.  It is still difficult for restaurants, hair and beauty salons, gyms etc.  Schools also find themselves in a difficult situation.  Parents are reluctant to send their children back to school.  Many are not ready to receive learners or teachers as the correct PPE has not yet been delivered and all that is necessary to operate safely is not in place.   The private schools and school in affluent areas are ready but our township schools which are the ones that most desperately need to return to normal are not yet prepared.    All teachers were supposed to go back to school today.  My daughter teaches Grade 2 at a school that is ready.   She won’t have her kiddies back but she can prepare work to be collected from the school by parents, which will be helpful to those who don’t have computers at home.


Three months of Lockdown has not affected me adversely.   I still have a supply of wine that will last the rest of the week with a bottle or two to spare.  The gin is still intact too!  Of course, had Lollz not gone back to Cape Town for work I would probably have run out by now.   We don’t smoke so the tobacco ban doesn’t affect us but I do feel for those who are struggling without and can’t afford to buy on the black market.  Cigarettes are being sold for three to four times the usual price but unscrupulous traders playing on the cravings of addicts.  I am proud of my friends who are refusing to give in to them.

“Will you give up


6 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 60

  1. JoAnna

    It’s interesting to read about how different countries are dealing with COVID and lockdown. As a former smoker, I know that feeling deprived of cigarettes (or any addictive substance) creates feelings of desperation and makes things worse. People are more likely to quit as a result of awareness of health consequences and when they are ready. Thank you for writing, “the electricity went off,” instead of the power went off, or we lost power. Even without electricity, we still have power. The moth is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary Craig

    Shame teachers having to speak through that plastic. But guess better safe than sorry. Wonder how many kids will turn up 1st day though..



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