Lockdown in South Africa – Day 67 – Share Your World

Today is the first day of Level 3 set by the South African government.   This gives a reasonable amount of freedom but as explained in a previous blog there are still a number of issues especially where going back to school is concerned.  Grade 7 and Grade 12 learners officially started today but there are schools that have not opened and some parents are refusing to send their children back just yet.  Online learning is continuing for grades that have not been invited back yet.

For most of us, the fact that we can now buy alcohol is a biggie!   The Earl delayed his walk this morning as he wanted to be the first in the queue.  He need not have worried – there was no queue and no limit on how much he could purchase!

It was wonderful not to have to worry about what time I could go out this morning!   It was a glorious morning but as is normal for this time of year still very cold in the early mornings.  Also, it only gets light after 7 am.  I left for my walk at 9:00 and returned at 10:15!    Later, the Earl decided to take his walk so we took the long route to the harbour.

Today I am participating in Share Your World from Sparks.

Share Your World

Is it ever okay to commit a crime?  Please explain.

There is always a grey area isn’t there!  If a law is stupid or makes no sense whatsoever then I don’t think it is ‘wrong’ to break it.  Take care, though, because if you are caught you could be in serious trouble.   I am a bit of a scared cat when it comes to civil obedience.  Why do something that will get you into trouble if you can avoid it. But I know that if I had to break the law to save or help somebody else I probably would.


Do you deal with change well?  (not money, because I know some wit out there is thinking how bulky coins are. Well I did any how.  O_o  ) 

Yes, I do.  I enjoy the challenge.  Having said that I lived in the same place for most of my life and have always had most of my family close to me.

Do you like birds?   The sound of bird song in the morning, taking pictures of them, as food?   

I am indeed a bird enthusiast.   Yes, I love the dawn chorus,  Yes, bird photography is my main hobby.  Wherever I go I’m turned in to the birds and will notice them while walking, driving or anywhere else I find myself.   I was once walking with a friend who is very fashion concious.   A woman passed us.   “Did you see her belt?”  she asked.

“No,” I replied.  “Did you see that heron fly over?”

“NO!” she replied.

We are both very observant – but for different things!

What’s the least used item of clothing you own?

I own a beautiful black lace dress that is about 100 years old.  It belonged to one of my grandmothers.  I have worn it twice and it fits perfectly.  But – it is broken in places and very difficult to repair.  My friend Dalene fixed it with a crochet hook recently and I am determined to wear it again – maybe to a cocktail party – not that we often go to such things anymore.   I don’t have the heart to get rid of this lovely item of clothing.



If you care to share, what are you grateful for?  

5 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Day 67 – Share Your World

  1. Anne

    Beautiful scenery and good to see the tortoise. We think the angulate tortoise that lived in our garden for some years after having been rescued from being a potential meal has finally left to find a mate.


  2. Melanie B Cee

    Thanks Helen for Sharing Your World! What a lovely family you have, if a bit sad at the idea of moving. But that goes with change, doesn’t it? And it sounds like you handle change very well indeed. Thank you too for sharing all the amazing photos!! You live in a very beautiful part of the world!! I especially loved the sunbird sharing the feeder with the bigger bird. They can get along, you’d think people would take a ‘feather’ from their book and just co-exist with each other. I loved your clothes!! I hope you can find someone who repairs delicate lace like that in the dress, maybe someone crafty who crochets or does similar hand work? I have a neighbor here who is a master crotchet and knit person and I bet (if we weren’t on opposite sides of the world) that she could repair the dress and make it whole again. Your coat looks exactly like the one I have hanging in my own closet, except mine is faux fur (I couldn’t begin to afford a real mink coat, plus I don’t think they make them or sell those much any more). You could totally get away with telling someone it was faux fur. I bet it’s lovely and warm when the wind is chilly! Have a great week! 🙂

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