Lockdown in South Africa – Level Two

Apologies that I have been missing in action for some time.   I have been putting all my energy into another writing project and have neglected the blogosphere quite considerably.  I will be getting back to reading and writing blogs soon.  

Here in South Africa, we have just come to the end of Level Three Lockdown.  Our president addressed the nation last night and announce that from Monday midnight the country will have some more restrictions lifted and we will be placed on Level Two Lockdown.  

When Lockdown began at Level Five there was a ban on cigarettes and alcohol.  The ban on alcohol was lifted at Level Three but then reinstated without warning so many of us were unable to stock up!  However, South Africans are resourceful creatures and when things are unreasonable they will make a plan to get what they want!  I say no more for fear of recrimination!   I just heard that some restaurants were serving ‘tea’ and if you asked for white tea you were sure to get something somewhat stronger!

But now there is great joy and celebration in the country that from Monday to Thursday you can shop for alcoholic and tobacco products.  The smokers amongst us are really delighted as illegal cigarettes were inferior and terribly expensive.  In my opinion, is it dumb to ban products and cripple the economy while criminals benefit from exploiting those who simply refuse to do without!  Has the American Prohibition not taught us this!

Here is a pictorial representation of what our new rules entail

Anyway this lockdown thing has not affected us much down here at the southern tip of Africa. We are a small community of mature age and tend to be quite law abiding. The problem is that the city folk come swarming in on the weekends and we have recently had school holidays – at a strange time due to the crazy changes in when they should and should not be at school! We tend to be a welcoming lot so have not made too much fuss about mixing with the outsiders.

Our youngest daughter spent the first half of Lockdown with us and then went home. She came back for three weeks and we all went to see our other kids in Plettenberg Bay over the Woman’s Day Weekend. They’re on a farm so there was not much contact with other people and it was lovely although the weather was freezing!

We stayed for a week and then came home to equally freezing weather here.

Lockdown has meant that tourism has been very limited. We have not been off in our caravan for the longest time and we are missing the bush. The provincial borders are now open but we still need to see when camping will be opened in the national parks. As soon as we can we will be heading off on safari!

4 thoughts on “Lockdown in South Africa – Level Two

  1. Anne

    Another writing project sounds interesting – hope we will be hearing about it. Camping is open at Mountain Zebra NP. We visited Addo for the day last week – it felt so daring to be there! Glad you are keeping well.


    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Good to hear the parks are opening up.
      Yes – watch this space for news😁 I’m working with an editor and should be ready to publish before end 2020 or early 2021.



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