Share Your World 21 September 2020

Here is my contribution to this week’s challenge from Sparks

This is the last week “Share Your World” will have two parts.  The excellent blogger, Roger Shipp, is the creator and host (if you will) of the first part.  I’m going to link to Roger’s blog so you can post your link over on his blog OR you can do it here as usual.

Roger deserves a big round of applause for co-hosting Share Your World for these past weeks.   I’m grateful he was so clever and thought up a fun way to pass some time!   Please let me know, in the comments, if you enjoyed this idea.   I know I did!    Thanks Roger!

Roger’s Magical, Mystical Questions: 

Have you ever driven the wrong way on a one-way street? How did this come about?]

Yes I have. I wasn’t paying attention. Luckily I got away with it as there was very little traffic but I got one or two strange looks. People can be nice though and they made sure to move out the way to let me through.

As a kid, did you ever decide to run away? Did you have a plan? Take a pet? Sandwiches?

No I didn’t but my kid did. She did not want to accompany the family on a visit to friends who had no children her age. She was six and had just started school. She disappeared into her bedroom and reappeared with a packed bag. “I’m leaving,” she announced.

I said, “Oh no! Where will you go?”
She hadn’t thought about that but gave me a look and headed off down the road.

“Come back,” I said. “I’ll miss you.”

So she turned around and came back. When I checked to see what she had packed, it was her school uniform. No way was she going to skip class!

You suddenly found you have a hidden talent for playing a musical instrument. What musical instrument do you hope that accompanies your talent? Any particular song?

I have always wished I’d continued with piano lessons, so piano it would be. I would play all the oldies from the sixties.

Do you accessorize with jewelry? There was an opal necklace (cursed) and Slytherin’s locket (also cursed) in the Potter story. Have you had any heirloom jewelry passed down through the generations? Is it more ‘keepsake’ or do you wear it on occasion? (Hopefully, yours was not cursed?)

Yes I do wear jewelry. I inherited a diamond ring from my mother but I had it reset as my fingers are smaller than hers were. I also have a ruby ring of hers which I seldom wear.

Melanie’s Ordinary Muggle Questions:

What ingredients go into YOUR favourite salad?

I make a salad every single day. (Those of you who follow my blog will know of my Mediterranean heritage.) My basic salad consists of green leaves like lettuce, rocket and/or spinach. Then there is usually cucumber, tomato, avocado pear, feta cheese and olives. I may add carrots, sugar snap peas, mango or pineapple, radishes, baby corn and cauliflower or broccoli. A sprinkle of nuts and/or seeds is also an added extra. If we have guests I make a salad dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and vinegar with salt, pepper and mixed herbs otherwise the Earl and I don’t worry with it.

If you care to, share something that really irritates you.

The unnecessary noises that little boys make. Why do they insist on making strange explosive noises all the time? I don’t mind the sounds of motorbikes or shooting they make while playing their noisy games but those stupid emissions from their mouths that have no meaning whatsoever are most annoying.

What are your favorite ‘lounging around the house’ items of clothing?  Now that a lot of people ‘lounge around the house’ waiting for the all clear in respect to Covid being shown the door, have those lounging items changed?

I don’t often wear lounging clothes even during lockdown. But my clothes are not uncomfortable. In winter I wear Denims and long-sleeved shirts and cardigans or jerseys (jumpers) It is Spring now and we have had some warm days and taken out my dresses and shorts.

If I do wear lounging clothes it would be stretch pants and t-shirt.

GRATITUDE (as always this is optional)

Please feel free to share something about Autumn (or Spring if you’re gearing up for that) that you especially enjoy! 

It is Spring here in the southern hemisphere. Autumn is my favourite season but Spring comes a close second. Autumn, because the hot days are becoming cooler and are usually windless. I just love still sunny days. Spring takes its time getting here and after a lovely warm day we will suddenly get a cold snap again. I love spring for the colourful wild flowers that start popping up in the bush. My garden also has a lovely display of clivias at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Share Your World 21 September 2020

  1. Anne

    My clivias are starting to bloom too – a sure sign of spring! Contrary to you, I love boys noise and all. I have three brothers, two sons, and I spent most of my teaching career teaching boys, If you think little boys are noisy, try the antics of those in the senior school! Your salads sound delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      It’s the silly noises that annoy me – not the playful sound of boys in the playground. I raised two grandsons and loved every minute but those explosive, unecessary noises were a little annoying. My taught co-ed most of my career and in the last four I had a class of Grade 1 girls. The giggling did not irritate me. LOL.


  2. Mary Craig

    I remember taking my kids to see ballet at Arts Cape & drove down the wrong side. Gosh how scarey when cars come at you. Yes was lucky no one swore at me. They still tease me today about it.


  3. Melanie B Cee

    Thanks so much for Sharing Your World Helen! Dealing with males (of any age) can be trying, after all we’re from Venus and they’re from Mars, right? 😉 Your salad sounds delicious and healthy! I’m sure you’ve got it down to a science now! Have a great week and enjoy your Springtime weather. We’re heading into Winter over here, which is not near as pleasant! But Autumn can be nice, it’s just tricky to figure out where to set the thermostat. Cold nights and warm days right now…I’m grateful there’s no snow at least!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. puppy1952 Post author

      Melanie I do count myself lucky that the temperatures here never get too cold although our winters can be wet and miserable – but the only snow will be on the mountain peaks and then only sometimes. We don’t have central heating or air con but we do have a lovely wood-burning stove which makes the house toasty warm.
      It’s definitely a lot warmer now than two weeks ago so no more fires.



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