Travelling in the time of Covid – Visiting Family

After leaving Camdeboo we travelled through the Eastern Cape to Kokstad in Kwa-Zulu Natal and spent two nights with our rural family.

Caravanners and campers, I know will want more details about the Camdeboo Rest Camp. Apologies for the lack of photographs of our site but we went to town for dinner so I did not get round to taking a photo around the fire! Each site has its own wooden picnic table and of course a braai.

As I mentioned before the ablutions are spotless but the pressure in the shower is not very strong. Remember, this is a drought stricken province.

The camp kitchen has two wash up basins, a microwave and a freezer for the use of campers.

There is no shop or restaurant at Camdeboo.

We must have brought some of our abundant rain from the Western Cape as when we awoke on Thursday morning, we heard the pitter patter of rain drops on the caravan windows. As we travelled, the showers were light and it was still quite warm, but the further we went the lower the temperature became and thunder and lightening accompanied the rain.

We stopped at Kai Kai in Steynsburg for breakfast. In the days of travel with our kids and grandkids this was our usual stop as there is little other option along the route to Kokstad. It is a B&B which offers breakfast to those hungry travellers passing through as well.

The R56 is well maintained and we did not have to play dodge the potholes but the odd cow and goat gave us a few scares. This route also takes you through a number of rural towns which are busy with traffic and rural people dashing across the street. Miraculously nobody seems to get run over.

A busy rural town
Typical Eastern Cape scene

We refueled in Maclear. The Earl was suffering from an attack of gout so I asked the attendant to direct me to the nearest pharmacist. Luckily it was just across the street. I became one of the car dodging predestinations and was pleasantly surprised to find no queues and a very pleasant assistant behind the counter. He knew just the remedy for my ailing husband’s malady – one Milan Diclofenac taken with two no-name white pills – something from the witch doctor? Cost – R48 and they worked beautifully.

It started raining as we approached Matatiele and stormed all the way to Kokstad. The thunder and lightening was scary for these two Capies⚡️🌨

It was a joy to catch up with the Kokstad Clan. Although our nephew and nieces were busy with work and other commitments they popped in to visit and gave us a warm and happy welcome.

Ann’s kids Caitlyn and James saw the caravan arriving from their farm which overlooks the one we stayed at and immediately hopped on their little motor bikes and rode down to Granny’s to greet us,

The Earl engaging with the great nephews and great niece
Our niece with her miracle babies now 2 years old

This morning we left in inclement weather. The road between Kokstad and Howick was a nightmare. We played dodge the potholes while struggling through mist and rain. It is also beyond my comprehension how drivers can travel without their headlights on. The reckless driving, speeding and overtaking on solid white lines with no regard to their own and other road users safety is also baffling.

Our breakfast stop in Howick was The Wimpy. It was at a mall so parking the caravan was easy. When travelling we often choose Wimpy as their breakfasts are lovely and inexpensive. The coffee is not half bad either ☕️ and it comes with a delicious cinnamon biscuit/cookie.

I am writing this post on my I-pad as we travel to Heins Farm Resort in Ermelo where we will spend the night. Tomorrow we enter The Park. Watch this space😄

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