Travelling in the Time of Covid – Kruger National Park – Day 9 – Skukuza to Satara

9 Novemner 2020 – Moving Day

The dawn chorus did not wake me this morning and it was 5:30 am when I woke with a start as my phone alarm rang out. I did not set it but it must have had Monday 5:30 in its memory. Anyway, I dashed off to ablute and then returned to get the Earl up and ready for departure. We had everything ready by 7:00 am. The temperature was already 27 degrees C!

When we move from camp to camp in a game reserve we stick to tar roads and try to get to our destination as quickly as possible. “I am not stopping for impala!” declared the Earl. That was fine but when he refused to stop for klipspringer I was a tad annoyed.

We stopped at Tshokane for a loo and snack break at 8 am. I had not packed anything for breakfast and hoped to grab a croissant at the shop but they did not have any so we both ordered buffalo pies, cappuccino and black Americano from the kiosk. Omiword – what a good choice that turned out to be. I only had the slightest twinge of guilt for eating ‘lion kill.’ It was delicious. The pie was full of deliciously tender buffalo meat with no other additives. Yum does not describe it! I will definitely be abandoning the Banting Diet in favour of one of those pies again in the future.

All the way to Satara it was a matter of speed spotting. We didn’t even stop long at the wonderful elephant, bird and lion sightings. The photos I am posting were taken at super-speed after yelling at the Earl to ‘Stop for goodness sake.” I understand the need to be early enough to get a good, shady camping site and to set up camp before the temperature climbs to over 40 degrees, but how can we resist greeting our wild friends along the way.

Elaine Elephant put her nose in the air when we refused to pay her enough attention
Jacky Giraffe simply continued her browsing
Sammy Saddle-bill refused to pose yesterday but I caught him unawares today. Being a boy he does not have the yellow eyes of his wife and he sports some yellow wattles.
Leon Lion was absent at Kumana Dam yesterday but today made his presence felt
I think Leonie rather fancies him

We arrived at Satara at around half-past nine and I rushed to book in. There were no queues but the camp was already full. Our friends Maureen and Jim had left Tzendze very early and were already set up on their shady site. We found one not too far away but had to use the long lead to get to an electrical point. Still, it’s a lovely private site and I will post photos of it tomorrow.

We did not go out again today but instead got settled in and I did the necessary housekeeping and laundry. We spent a couple of hours at the pool too.

The internet connection is weak here so I might have trouble posting timeously. I will do my best but if I am unsuccessful I will post once I get a stronger connection.

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